Online gamblers in Thailand are at risk of a data breach due to information provided by the country’s Computer Security Coordination Center. A warning was issued by the group that over three million residents personal information may be at risk due to activity involving gambling operators with international licensing.

According to the announcement, personal information belonging to Thailand residents was found in foreign database systems that overlap with gambling websites. Reportedly, the ThaiCERT group reviewed the database that contained the personal information of Thai nationals. The group states that 3.3 million individuals of their country were affected. The total number of individuals affected by the breach is said to reach over 40 million.

The data included is names, birth dates, telephone numbers, government ID numbers and bank account information. The ThaiCERT group is reportedly working with the Electronic Transactions Development Agency, another government group, to coordinate their response.

Citizens of Thailand are being cautioned that individuals with their info may try to contact them on social media sites, via email or telephone. The central bank of Thailand has gotten in on the data breach as well, stating that citizens that have used online gambling websites should change their passwords associated with credit card accounts as well as online banking accounts. For total security, Thais are being encouraged to cancel credit cards and debit cards, seeking new ones.

The personal information could be used in a variety of ways, so to keep financials safe, residents are being encouraged to make these changes.

In Thailand, there is no gambling allowed. The only option for residents is a lottery ran by the state. However, residents seem to find the lottery gaming unattractive when compared to other forms, such as the casinos nearby in Cambodia. Authorities in the country regularly bust iGaming operations from time to time when investigations arise.

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