michiganWhen operating charity poker games or additional poker gaming in the United States, operators must be in the know when it comes to rules and regulations. Operators must adhere to every rule to ensure their operations are legit. If not, punishment including fines or even jail time could be on the table. A Michigan man has learned the hard way that sticking to the rules is a must when handling charity poker gaming.

In Michigan, Joseph Puertas could spend as much as 2 years in prison after admitting that he operated charity poker games without having the proper licensing. The fifty four year old was running charity poker games from the Shark Club, a bar that he owned in the state.

Puertas operated the games from the 10th to the 13th of February and sent $11,800 to the state which was earned from the poker games. According to the information in the case, the Shark Club would host millionaire parties and that investigators determined that the poker games were played without actual charity involvement. The unlicensed gambling business taking place at the Shark Club was deemed illegal since the business did not have the proper licensing.

Sentencing in this case will take place on July 2nd at the Oakland County Circuit Court. Puertas did have a membership with the state Charitable Gaming Association but resigned once he was charged with illegal gambling. The case against the bar owner is only one of many that is currently taking place within the state.

To try and put a stop to such charges, the Charitable Gaming Association is now suing the gaming control board based on the strict rules in place for charity poker. It will be interesting to see what happens with this case as well as the many others that regard to the subject of poker gaming.

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