It seems almost every week a casino is having to fire an employee due to illegal activity. Cases are becoming more common with individuals who serve as gaming dealers try to gain from acting against the rules and regulations of the venue. A dealer handles chips and apparently the amount of money they handle is enticing. Most dealers do their job well but there are always a select few who decide they should get a cut of the chips and try to steal from the casino.

These individuals are always caught as casinos have top quality security systems that monitors gaming at all times. If any employee is believed to be cheating the casino, the footage can be viewed for confirmation. At the Cleveland Horseshoe Casino, a dealer lost his job over the summer and now is serving probation after being caught stealing poker chips.

Randall White was working as a poker dealer at the casino when he was caught stealing just over $700 in poker chips last summer. White admitted to taking the chips a little at a time during his shifts. White took the money and counted it as tips to be able to take the chips.

As part of his punishment, White must perform 250 hours of community service. He must also pay back the $711 that he stole from the casino. While facing six felony charges, White potentially could have spent as many as six years in prison for his actions against the casino.

Dealers as well as players go to great lengths to try and take chips or even cash. Dealers have been known to take chips, place cards up their sleeve or event stuff chips into a sock to cheat the venue. Thankfully, those who try to cheat the casino end up getting caught and are replaced by an employee who wishes to work and interact with the patrons as they should.

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