It was recently announced that poker pro Ted Forrest is facing criminal charges from the Wynn Las Vegas Casino due to owning funds to the venue. Forrest is known for his poker game play, having won six World Series of Poker bracelets and done well in several major tournaments over the years. Reportedly, Forrest owns the venue cash due to bad checks.

An arrest warrant has been issued as of late last week for Forrest due to theft and bad check writing. Forrest is accused of writing two bad checks that total $215,000 that did not pass muster when the casino tried to cash them. With insufficient funds, Forrest seemingly wrote the checks knowing they would bounce.

The check writing took place from October 2012 and May of 2013, so it has been some time since the checks were written and bounced. Forrest’s attorney says that the pro does not owe the funds and that he was given a marker to play based on credit and the attorney stated that the situation is a long standing civil dispute.

According to court documents, Forrest had agreed to make payments on the amount due within a ten month time frame. A payment of $10,000 would be paid each month plus a one-time lump sum payment. However, the casino is claiming that this payment was never made.

This is reportedly not the first time that Forrest has had loan issues. According to CardPlayer, Forrest reportedly owed over $40,000 to The Mirage Casino from 2013 when he was loaned a total of $100,000. This situation apparently took place in 2013 but was not brought to light until 2015. Information has not been provided as to if payment was made by Forrest to the casino but we do know that criminal charges were never filed by the venue.


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