When visiting a casino, one expects to be on camera as the venue should have security measures in place to be able to protect the venue. A lot of money exchanges hands and is on the premises, so it is important to have a quality security system in place. However, it is not common for a casino to snoop in regards to patrons visiting. The Rivers Casino in the state of Pennsylvania is being accused of being in violation of wiretapping laws, having allegedly snooped on two visitors via text messages and emails as well as their financial information.

Hayley Clerici and Julie Capone are two gamblers who visited the casino and have stated that employees of the venue used the security video system of the casino to zoom in on the patrons mobile devices and view private information. The casino is being accused of recording and saving images from the two women’s texts as well as emails. The gamblers have alleged that employees of the casino then gave the information to an individual who had an agenda against Clerici.

The two women have filed a lawsuit against the casino, stating that the casino completed an unlawful zoom surveillance and recording of their text messages and email communications as well as personal financial information that was intentional and is considered reckless conduct and a disregard to the rights and privacy of the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs in the case are seeking a minimum of $35,000 in damages for each violation of the law that is listed in the case. The suit is claiming that the images and information taken from the footage was given to a local attorney who was representing the former husband of Clerici, both who are involved with a custody dispute.

The suit lists several individual in the claim including the security supervisor of the casino who remains unnamed.

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