equitable-sharing-law-changes-too-late-for-californian-poker-playing-pairThe state of California has seen their fair share of issues when it comes to considering online poker legislation. For years now, the state has tried to pass legislation only to see measures fail to move forward. Tribal interests, card rooms and horse race tracks have fought on who should be involved as well as considering bad actor clauses which would keep such operators as PokerStars from taking part. Now, the state will have to contend with the feelings of a state senator who recently announced opposition to the activity.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is eighty two years old and a democrat who is not in favor of online poker gaming in the state. A letter was sent by Feinstein to lawmakers of the Senate and Assembly of California, asking them to stop online poker bills that are currently on the table from becoming law.

Online poker legislation is closer than ever to being passed into law as horse race tracks have been agreeable to a measure that would provide them with $60 million in subsidy payments to not offer the activity themselves.

Back in 2014, Feinstein did not support the restoration of the 1961 Wire Act. Because of this, her opposition of the measure is not surprising. Feinstein has even showed support for the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act from 2006.

Just before the letter was released by Feinstein, the Assembly of California met to hold a hearing on AB 2863. The legislation was approved by the Assembly with a unanimous vote. However, the measure still has a long way to go before online poker will be legalized within the state.  It does seem that the majority of lawmakers are on board to see the activity allowed, it’s just figuring out what will be allowed.

The letter sent by Feinstein states that she wants the bill stopped and online poker prohibited in the state.

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