For some states in the US, it can be hard for lawmakers to see a bill passed that involves gambling, even when it comes to charitable options. House Bill 511 was on the table for consideration in North Carolina, to see charity operated gambling legalized in the state. Poker games were included but the measure was vetoed by the governor after passing with the House and Senate.

Governor Roy Cooper decided to reject the proposed measure, one that easily sailed through the House with a 76 to 32 vote and the Senate with a 27 to 15 vote. Cooper stated that machine gambling is the reasoning behind his decision to veto the bill that was introduced just a few months ago.

In a statement, the governor said that by legitimizing charitable gambling, video poker would have a new way to infiltrate communities of the state. According to the governor, the industry would be able to masquerade as a charity and this would case unintended permits to be issued and without tough criminal penalties in place, enforcement would be difficult.

Known as ‘game night events’ the charity operated gambling options included in the bill would have allowed for poker, craps, blackjack and roulette to take place. Nonprofit groups and their partners would be the only operators allowed to offer such games. Groups would have been allowed to host four casino nights each year.

The games that would be allowed could not be played for cash or cash prizes. Prizes could be given via raffle only and chips or tokens used during game play could be exchanged for raffle tickets. Nonprofit organizations can currently offer raffles now but cannot include an element of casino gaming.

Any efforts to see charitable casino or poker gaming will have to take place with another measure introduced at a later date.


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