Lawmakers in the state of New Jersey are considering letting existing horse race tracks in on the online gaming action. The state has seen great success with online casino and poker gaming and seem to be ready to share the wealth. The state Assembly are to meet today to vote on a measure that will allow horse race tracks to provide online gaming onsite if they can reach an agreement to partner with a land-based gaming venue of Atlantic City.

According to Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, the new revenue would provide help to the horse racing industry, which has been struggling for years. Caputo pointed out that the online gaming options would help drive traffic to the racetracks which is much-needed.

The idea is to allow bettors of horse races to place online casino bets in-between races. The track would be compensated by the casino partner for allowing the online business to take place on the premises. The amount of compensation for race tracks would have to be negotiated between the casino and the track with the creation of a partnership.

Chairman and CEO of Monmouth Park Racetrack, Dennis Drazin, commented on the new option, stating that the tracks would create a separate area that would be used for casino bets online. A current ban is in place for internet cafes in the state, but the tracks would be exempt from this rule to able to offer the gaming option online.

It is unclear as to if the Assembly will move this bill forward. It could really go either way. Casinos don’t necessarily have anything to worry about as online gaming is already available online throughout the state. It would be interesting to see this option allowed and exactly how much wagering would be done by those who visit the tracks on casino bets in-between races.

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