All across the United States, lawmakers are creating legislation to allow some form of gambling. From sports betting to poker and casino games, states are opening up to the option in both online and brick and mortar form. The online gambling market is very diverse in the US as some states offer all types, some offer restricted and some offer no options.

As several states look to expand their currently gambling offering to online game play, one state is trying to get in on standard casino action. In the state of South Carolina, a measure has advanced that will look to overturn an antigambling bill that was created in 1802. The new bill would allow social clubs and home owners to host card games and dice games, which would include poker.

Earlier this week a committee of the State House met and decided to approve the new bill unanimously. The bill had already passed in the Senate and was pushed through due to information provided by state police. The state police officials warned legislators that social clubs that meet to play canasta or bridge are currently violating state laws.

The state law reads that any social games that take place could be considered gambling. If this is proven, then the establishment will have to have their liquor license revoked. This would be bad news for social clubs and establishments so the law definitely needs to be changed.

In the past, the state has tried to pass legalization to pass poker in home-game form as well as bridge and other cad games but these efforts were blocked. Many felt as though if these games were allowed to take place then video poker and illegal gambling would take place. It appears as though the bill will pass as the Senator Tom Davis of the state has commented that he will be challenging the law if the bill is not moved forward.

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