Authorities in Australia are trying to extradite Chung Chak Lee from Thailand due to his suspected connection with money laundering activity via Crown Resorts in the region. Crown Resorts locations have been under investigation for quite some time due to suspicion of money laundering. Allegedly, Lee was involved in the process to some degree, taking advantage of the gaming operator’s lax regulations to launder funds.

In December, Lee was arrested in Thailand. He is suspected of being involved with an international drug lord and part of an international crime syndicate known as The Company. The group is under investigation and on the radar of several areas around the world due to drug activities and other illegal crimes. In Australia, the organization is reportedly responsible for 70% of the methamphetamines that enter the country.

For Lee, his involvement with the group was based on gambling. He was reportedly the leader when it came to providing services to high rollers in Bangkok and Hong Kong. He offered players quality gaming tables but also a away to launder funds.

Authorities believe that Lee was using the Crown Resorts to increase his business by providing high rollers with a way to launder millions through the casino located in Melbourne back in 2012. This location is one of several under surveillance and investigation regarding money laundering activities.

Lee’s name has been linked to the Crown in the past and it was the reports made public as well as the activity of Lee that led to an investigation into the operator. The inquiry in New South Wales was due to this revelation and it is expected to wrap up any time this month.

The Crown could lose its operating license at its new Sydney property based on the findings of the report. The company may also have to change up its executive members in order to make regulators feel more comfortable in allowing licensing to continue.

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