After allegations surfaced that poker player Mike Postle cheated several times at the Stones Gambling Hall, the facility has now decided to stop live poker broadcasts. A thorough investigation is being conducted and the broadcasts will not take place while the process is underway.

The announcement was made via Twitter by the StonesLivePoker account. The facility will stop their broadcast, including live streaming, as they expand their investigation into what happened. They are bringing in outside experts to help examine the situation. The facility plans on providing information from the investigation once details are available.

Joey Ingram is an individual interested in the cheating scandal who did a little digging himself by reviewing the live streams. Ingram is asking that Stones use different people to investigate the claims. With the first investigation, zero evidence was found. According to Ingram, he found evidence within 20 minutes of watching from his laptop.

Ingram has given his two cents about the issue, stating that the Gambling Hall should look into which member of the live stream team was not onsite on the 17th of June. On this day, Postle seemingly played like a regular poker player instead of earning win after win.

Several players have reviewed the footage of Postle playing at the Stones and have their own opinions as to what took place. It seems now, the facility has to worry about what the new investigation will uncover as well as what might happen from a legal standpoint. Players who took part in such games may try to file a lawsuit addressing the issues.

Players could choose to seek damages for money lost based on the actions of Postle and whoever else may be involved in the scandal. It will be interesting to see what is uncovered in the coming weeks as more information is revealed.

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