Zhao Kezhi, the Chinese Minister of Public Security, has announced that even more action will be taken by the government to tackle illegal gambling activity. The next change to take place will be a blacklist of gambling sites. According to Zhao, online gambling operations need to be investigated quickly to stop organizations that are based outside of China from offering such activity in the region.

The Chinese Minister feels that China needs to work with other nations to complete a joint strike against the iGaming operators. They want to be able to find cooperation with other countries where the sites are based to be able to tackle the issue. Police in both Malaysia and Cambodia have made arrests in regard to illegal online gambling operations taking place in China last year.

At the same time, the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte is not going to submit to the pressure from China and ban gaming in the country. If he were to ban the Philippines Offshore Gambling Operators, there would be large job losses.

On top of creating a blacklist, Zhao is also working to cut off the circulation of funds associated with online gambling. This would be done with more scrutiny of financial transactions.

In January, it was announced that the Chinese government would be ramping up their efforts to stop illegal online gaming in 2020. They will be promoting inter-department cooperation as well as promoting the Sports and Welfare Lotteries as the only legalized format of gaming in the region.

Just last week, the government cancelled passports of citizens who work for online gambling operators in the Philippines. These people will now be unable to leave the country due to their connection to what is being considered a crime.

Over the next few weeks, it would not be surprising to find a list of sites released by the country naming those who are now blacklisted from offering operations in the region.

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