A poker player was recently arrested in Colorado after taking part in a poker tournament at the Golden Gates Casino. Located in Black Hawk, the female called the police after she was eliminated from the event. Reports indicate that the woman was involved in a verbal altercation with another player which led to her eventual arrest.

Will Givens, a WSOP bracelet winner and poker professional, was on the scene taking part in the event and provided info on what went down. The woman was facing off against another poker player in the event when he told her that he would show her his hand if she showed hers. She then said she would rather expose her chest than her hand.

The two then escalated their back and forth verbal exchange, with the male player declining seeing her breasts because she looked like a transsexual. The woman was eliminated from the event later on but called police demanding that she be refunded the buy-in of the tournament.

While the move was a silly one and usually would have resulted in police asking the woman to leave the property, she was escorted out in handcuffs. Police realized that the female poker player had a warrant out for her arrest, so she was taken to the station.

The casino is running the Colorado State Poker Championship which will continue to play out through the 28th. Several events are on the schedule including the tournament in which the female participated in.

Those in attendance during the event were not ready for what was to take place. Some players heard the exchange as it happened and many saw the female being led out in handcuffs. One would think she would know better than to call the police, if she had an outstanding warrant in play!

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