Evander Kane is a player of the San Jose Sharks NHL team that is currently in hot water over unpaid casino markers. The player visited the Cosmopolitan casino while in Las Vegas, Nevada for a hockey game when he took out several markers, totaling around $500,000. The casino was never paid and wants their money back.

Around April 15th, Kane took out eight markers with each one ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 each. The Sharks team were in Las Vegas to play two games during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was during an off day that Kane visited the casino and took out the markers.

The markers were provided to Kane in good faith that the money would be paid back. When players take out a marker, it is a binding contract that the amount will be repaid. For those who are lucky enough to win with the money, the marker can easily be repaid on-site. It doesn’t seem that Kane was able to earn any big wins from his markers, so he owes the casino the massive amount of cash.

Since several months have passed and the casino has not been paid, they have now filed a lawsuit against the player. Along with the money owed, the casino is seeking legal fee payment. It is unclear how many times the casino reached out the Kane for payment. However, it must have been enough that with no payment sent, the casino decided to move on to legal recourse.

Kane should have the funds to pay the marker, since he signed a seven year deal last year for $49 million with the hockey team. He will earn $8 million this season and has already earned $49 million during his first 11 seasons in the NHL.

The NHL pro has yet to speak out on the matter.

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