A recent crackdown in Sweden involving online gambling sites has caused several operators to rethink their services in the region. Last week, Evolution Gaming pulled their products from the region, which involved sixteen different operators. The company supplies live dealer online games to operators around the world and wants to steer clear of any legal issues.

Supposedly, the operators in Sweden that lost access to the Evolution Gaming products were placed on a list by Spelinspektionen, the local gambling authority. Evolution enforces policies as seamlessly as possible, in order to protect their investments, particularly those in the US.

The company got started in the US after acquiring a former competitor Ezugi. As new states begin to legalize forms of gambling, Evolution remains cautious around the world to avoid any issues. Many states are leery of working with companies who are considered ‘bad actors’, those who operated in regions illegally.

A good example of a ‘bad actor’ would be PokerStars. The company was in operation years ago in the US when they were not supposed to be, so they have been considered unfit to offer services now. Such states as California have failed to pass online poker legislation due to operators’ connections to PokerStars and others unwillingness to let go of bad actor clauses.

Noncompliance to such issues can lead to major problems later on for companies when they try to enter the US or even offer services in other countries. Governments as well as gambling regulators tend to frown upon noncompliance and are not willing to give such operators a shot, even if the ‘noncompliance’ involves a country where gambling laws are nonexistent or considered a grey area.

For Evolution Gaming, they were not taking any chances in Sweden when it came to working with operators who are not licensed to function in the state. This is a smart move as the company is gaining a foothold in the US and wants to maintain a positive reputation in the country.

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