The FACUA-Consumidoresen Acción is an independent consumer rights agency in Spain that is calling for a credit card ban. The Minister of Consumer Affairs has been petitioned by the agency to implement a ban so that players can no longer use credit cards to deposit money into gambling accounts. The group would like to see the change added to a new regulations package that the gaming industry has introduced.

The agency is in approval of the new proposals introduced earlier this month by the government and see them as a positive change towards helping protect consumers. Yet, they would like the government to continue with even more efforts. The agency pointed out that a ban on credit cards would help consumers avoid falling into debt.

The group pointed out that the measure would fight gambling, something that has affected vulnerable groups like adolescents and rehabilitated players. The proposal was announced one day after the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom implemented a restriction on online gambling operators and land-based casinos from offering credit card options for deposit.

The FACUA is hoping that Spain will take a similar course of action and ban credit cards for depositing. The goal is to minimalize the risk to consumers by preventing debt accumulation from gambling. If the change is made, Spain would become the only country in the region to restrict the use of credit cards associated with gambling.

Earlier this week, the new coalition government of Spain stated they have plans to add new regulations involving the gambling industry. The changes will include more consumer protections and stricter guidelines when it comes to advertising within the industry.

The government has not provided details involving the new regulations. A document was published that was 50 pages long last year that detailed policies that the group would like to see introduced.

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