Antonio Burks is a former point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team that has found himself in a bit of hot water. Police found evidence that Burks was operating underground poker games within one of his many homes. He was recently charged for his actions, facing one charge of aggravated gambling promotion and another for possession of a gambling device.

Police apparently were tipped off to the games and a search warrant was issued for Burke’s home at the end of last month. Upon arrival, authorities found two poker tables as well as several decks of cards and playing chips.

There was also a surveillance system in place and a ledger used to keep track of debts owed. Cards were also found on site that shows the rules for the Burks Poker Palace. Along with the items, police found three people inside the home.

These individuals were taken into custody and one person admitted that the home was used for gambling. This man was staked by Burks for home games. He also submitted his cell phone to police, and they saw texts between the man and Burks that revealed more details about the poker games.

Police were able to find out from the individuals they detained that Burks hosted the home games twice a week. After the raid, Burks was released on $1,000 bond. He must appear in court later this month and face the charges against him.

In Tennessee, there are no legal poker rooms for players to access cash games or tournaments. Operating your own card room is of course against the law and can see the individual face penalties by the court. It is unclear as to what type of punishment Burks is facing for his actions or if the other individuals found onsite will face any charges.

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