As political candidates ramp up their campaigns, we begin to see individuals begin to provide a more clear outline as to what they plan on providing their given state. In Kentucky, Attorney General Andy Beshear is a candidate for the state’s governor position. Beshear has announced plans for expanding gambling in the state if elected, to include sports betting and casino gaming.

Bringing In New Revenues

The details provided by Beshear would see gambling expand to help bring much-needed revenues to the state. The pension system is already strapped for cash and the additional revenues from new gambling options would help tremendously.

Beshear announced his campaign last week and stated that he would look in to legalizing not only casino gaming and sports betting but also online poker. The state currently offers only the lottery and horse racing.

The governor position will be voted on by November 5th with Beshear pushing the gambling agenda in the hopes of obtaining votes. The AG plans on bringing Las Vegas style casino gambling to the state plus online poker and sports betting. With each new option, additional revenues would be generated for the state that could go towards pension plans.

According to the AG, expanded gaming is ‘long-overdue’ in the state and a common sense option when it comes to making the state more competitive as well as protecting the pensions of the teachers and first-responders.

The AG called out the current Governor, Matt Bevin, stating that he continues to make excuses and false claims, while the neighboring states are stealing Kentucky’s revenues. Beshear has promised he will always put the best interests of the people first, which includes expanding gaming to provide new opportunities in the state.

It will be interesting to see if the effort by Beshear will be enough for the democratic nominee to earn the governor position. He will no doubt continue to push his agenda in the hopes of gaining enough votes to take the position.

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