The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) will be introducing new regulations next year that require license holders in Malta to report any betting activity that seems suspicious. The new regulations begin on January 1 and come just a few months after the MGM published reporting requirements for suspicious betting activity after consulting with operators.

On November 1, the Suspicious Betting Reporting Mechanism created by the MGM will be provided to operators. License holders are expected to start reporting such activity but are not required to do so until next year.

A spokesman for the MGA provided information on the new regulations, stating that there will be consultation with operators and training to ensure the process runs smoothly. Collaborative efforts will continue with licensees and stakeholders to ensure that the integrity of sports and sports betting will be safeguarded.

The MGA’s SIU will continue to discuss the policy initiatives via the licensee consultation processes and look to create workshops along with round tables and more to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to protecting the industry.

When the report on suspicious betting activity was released back in May, the MGA provided information on the new guidelines as well as what they expect from license holders when it comes to reporting. The markets are to be described where the activity took place and the country in which the account was accessed.

The MGA needs to know the time the bets were made as well as information of the account including information on why the activity was considered suspicious. Other regulatory bodies notified of a potential breach must also be provided to the MGA.

The International Betting Integrity Association as well as other industry governing bodies were in support and have endorsed the new requirements of the MGA regarding suspicious betting activity.

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