In what many are calling bad judgement on their part, MGM Resorts has decided to file a lawsuit against the shooting victims involved in the tragic incident near the Mandalay Bay last October in an attempt to avoid future litigation. An annual music festival known as the Route 91 Harvest festival was subject to a shooting last year when an individual opened fire from a window at the MGM Resorts casino of Mandalay Bay, killing 58 individuals and wounding 851 in a ten minute time frame.

Stephen Paddock was able to complete the deadly mass shooting by placing fourteen AR-rifles, eight AR-10 rifles and more in two adjoining hotel rooms at the casino. Many victims involved in the shooting sued the parent company of the casino, MGM Resorts International, for not taking precautions to prevent the murders from taking place.

The lawsuits filed by the victims makes perfect sense and was expected. However, it was not expected that MGM Resorts would file suits against the victims. The company is citing a federal act from 2002 that extends liability protection to a company that uses ‘anti-terrorism’ technology or services that will help to prevent and respond to mass violence.

According to information provided by the Review-Journal, the lawsuits were filed by MGM to see a federal judge review the act from 2002 and determine if the law applies to MGM. The company believes that it does apply and if it is ruled that the act does apply, MGM would like to see protection for their company against any legal action in the future.

It does not appear that MGM is trying to obtain money from the victims with the lawsuits, but the move has negative connotations that will not bode well for the brand. The shooting that took place in October was the largest in US history and one that will be remembered for decades to come. The brand may be trying to protect themselves but residents of Nevada and the population within the rest of the US will see this as bad form by the casino operator.

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