In Colorado, a $100 maximum bet rule that is in place keeps poker players from enjoying traditional NLH cash games. All poker games in the state currently operate as spread-limit games and the max bet is of course $100. The same limit is placed on other table games in the state, which is home to over 30 casinos. However, this limit may soon change, and cash games opened up if a ballot initiative can gain any ground.

Initiative 257

In the state, two former politicians are pushing for Initiative 257 to gain support. Former mayor of Cripple Creek, Bruce Brown, and former state Senate President Bill Cadman, are the two behind the push. With the initiative, residents of Cripple Creek, Centennial City and Black Hawk, the gambling towns of the region, would be able to vote on betting limits.

The towns have worked hard to build a strong economy centered on the casino gaming. According to Bruce Brown, they should have a say so in the betting limits and if they want to be able to see new games come to the community.

The initiative needs 125,000 signatures to be approved and placed on the November ballot. The change would require an amendment to the constitution of the state, so 55% of the vote must approve the measure for the bill to move forward. If approved, it is expected that the limits would be removed and new games added by mid-2021.

The last voter initiative to pass in the state took place last November and involved sports betting. This new industry will not be operational until May of this year with sports betting regulations just approved this week. Right now, as many as seven casinos have been approved for licensing.

For the betting limit and game change initiative, the mayors of the three gambling towns are in support. We shall see in the coming weeks what comes of the push and if the state will indeed make changes to expand their gambling industry.

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