floridaA poker tournament was scheduled for the Coconut Creek Casino of the Seminole Indians with NFL pros competing but now will be a few pros short. The NFL has told three players of the Miami Dolphins that they cannot take part in the event. Jordan Cameron, A.J. Francis and Jason Fox were asked not to take part in the event by NFL officials.

The See You Later poker tournament by Andy Slater had the pros set to be celebrity bounties in the event. The buy-in of the tournament is just $94 and has been hosted for three years by Slater, a daily sport talk show host. Slater commonly asks sports stars to take part as guests and are used as targets for players in the event.

The NFL alerted the three players and emailed Slater this past Monday that they are not able to take part in the event or promote an event at a casino. The NFL cited policy that exists and includes players promoting casino activities. Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys was recently told to cancel an appearance in Las Vegas for a fantasy football convention for the very same policy.

Slater commented on the incident by stating that the NFL is doing this with the Dolphins as a precaution but it’s an absolute joke. The NFL is built on gambling, according to Slater and this is the player’s time off and they should be able to hang out in a legit casino at a legal gambling event.

The Dolphins football team have not commented on the incident and have referred any questions to the NFL. The NFL did confirm they sent an email to Slater and are claiming that players have the option to gamble but cannot use their status as a way to publicize events.

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