Earlier this week, we reported on how Sweden gaming regulators are being strict on operators in their region, issuing fines and shutting down sites due to violations. Ninja Casino, operated by Global Gaming, was one such site that saw their licensed revoked by Spelinspekstionen due to issues with anti-money laundering practices and KYC policies. An effort was made this week by Global Gaming to see Ninja Casino back in operation in Sweden, yet no progress was made, and the site remains unavailable in Sweden.

The Supreme Administrative Court rejected an injunctive relief by Global Gaming yesterday, which makes it impossible for the brand to operate in Sweden while their license is being reviewed. The company was hoping they would be able to continue to offer services while they were under review by regulators.

After their licensed was revoked, the company took action to remain in operation during the appeal process. The first ruling against Global Gaming came when the Administrative Court of Linköping ruled that they are not to be allowed to resume the site during the process of appeal. So far, the company has been stopped in every effort to get Ninja Casino operational again in the Swedish market.

Even though Global Gaming has been shot down time and time again, they maintain that the decision by the regulator lacks support based on gaming law. They feel that they have been in compliance with all the requirements listed in their license.

Tobias Fagerlund, the CEO of Global Gaming, stated that while the company was aware that the chance to receive injunctive relief was limited, they are disappointed that the appeal was rejected for a second time.

For now, it is unclear as to what steps the company will take next. It seems they are stuck having to wait on the review to see if they will be granted access to the Swedish Market once again with their Ninja Casino brand.

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