Officials of the West Virginia Lottery are working hard to see online gambling become a reality in their state. Just this week, it was announced that preliminary rules are being worked on and should be ready by summer 2020.

The state passed online casino gambling legislation in March, becoming the 5th state in the US to approved online poker. They also approved online casino gaming, joining Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in offering slots and table games online.

Now, regulators must draft and file the rules for the new industry. With online gambling, the state will offer the industry in a similar fashion to their sports betting offering. Casinos will be allowed to work with third party vendors to operate online casino sites. Licensing will be approved by the state lottery, the group that will also be in charge of regulating the new industry.

For online casino licensing, operators must pay a $250,000 fee. The license will then be renewed every five years at a price tag of $100,000. Operators will be taxed 15% on their revenues from online gaming.

As part of the rules and regulations to be determined, lottery officials will have to consider how many skins will be allowed per operator. In general, states that offer online gaming already tend to allow around three per operator. This is how the state operates their online sports betting industry and it is expected that iGaming will follow suit.

For now, players will have to wait until at least next year to begin enjoying online casino games in the state of West Virginia. Despite the delay, it is nice to see a new state moving forward and providing online gaming options to residents and visitors inside their borders.

The move by West Virginia will hopefully push other states to begin legalizing the option and taking advantage of revenues that can be earned from the industry.

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Sadonna Price
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