Just a few days ago, the Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino of the Philippines was making headlines due to police reported finding a villa on-site acting as an illegal hospital for COVID-19 patients. The casino is currently closed due to a local shutdown and is denying any knowledge of such a hospital or being involved.

Two people were arrested on site by police when a raid took place at the villa. The illegal hospital reportedly catered to Chinese nationals. However, Fontana is saying the story was blown out of proportion.

Of the two men arrested, Hu Ling age 45, was said to be the owner of the facility. It was 38-year-old Lee Seung-Hyun who acted as the pharmacist. The property spoke to Inside Asian Gaming, reporting that they did not participate nor were they involved in the illegal operation. The villa where the alleged hospital was located is said to be controlled by Shidaikeji Technology Corporation, which is a company that provides support services to POGO.

The Shidaikeji Technology Corporation is said to have sent a letter to Fontana, stating that the villa was being used to respond to employee needs during the coronavirus crisis. The company stated they were not running a clinic for COVID-19 out of the villa.

However, the raid revealed seven beds in the villa, trash cans with syringes, as well as medical supplies and medicines on-site. Despite the items found during the raid, the two men who were arrested have been let go and do not face charges at this time.

The Food and Drug Administration is reportedly investigating the medicines found in the raid. Resources are still needed for testing, so the investigation continues. It is expected that the medicines will be deemed illegal and charges could then be brought forth on those who were involved with the operation.

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