Ken Strauss is a name you may not know, but he is someone who is creating quite a stir in Las Vegas. Back in July, Strauss was kicked out of the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event for standing on the table and dropping his pants. Now, the poker player has been arrested on terrorism charges after erratic behavior at several casinos and disturbing Twitter posts.

Strauss went to the Trump Hotel recently when officials were called due to his behavior. The player had reportedly been kicked out of a previous casino hotel due to trying to lure a small child to the pool area. A call was then received by police that Strauss had threatened suicide as well as to harm others at the Venetian Casino.

By the time authorities arrived at the Venetian, Strauss had already left. He was finally caught up with at the Trump Hotel where he was placed under arrest. It was not long after the police were able to find several Tweets on Twitter where Strauss was found to have made disturbing remarks.

Back in July, Strauss had referenced the Las Vegas shootings and tagged President Donald Trump in the post. He went on to state that he was sick of being a mental health cause and was on drugs and insults. Strauss went on to state that all the casinos who have banned him will be destroyed. Such properties included the Venetian, the Luxor, the Rio and possibly more.

Such threats on social media as well as his actions at the casinos in Las Vegas are not being taken lightly. Strauss was arrested and was able to post bail of $20,000. A court hearing took place this past week where Strauss was indicted on making terrorist threats. He now has a bond set at $150,000 and must appear in court later on this week.

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