A man was found in a burned car, just a short drive from Tampa, Florida, with police wondering what could have caused his tragic death. Apparently, the investigation of the death led police to Michael Psilakis, a twenty-one-year-old man that knew the victim.  After picking up Psilakis on weapons charges, it was determined that he committed the murder after losing to the victim in a poker game.

Psilakis reportedly lost $3,500 during two gaming sessions with the victim, deciding to kill the player a few days after the loss. The Tampa Bay Times has reported the victim, who remains anonymous, was seen with Psilakis on October 30th.

According to an unidentified witness in the case Psilakis and the victim played poker on the 29th of October and the victim won $1,000. The next day, the two payed cards again and the victim managed to win an additional $2,500. Then, surprisingly, Psilakis texted the witness and said he was thinking about killing the victim.

After interviewing the alleged assailant’s mother, it was discovered that blood was seen smeared in her garage. During his police interview, Psilakis decided to call his mother and the call was recorded. The assailant said to his mother that gas that he threw on the car got on his legs and caused burns. He was then picked up later on at his mother’s house by police.

Eventually, detectives were able to search Psilakis’ vehicle and they found a handgun which allowed for an arrest. The gun was tested and a shell casing the scene matched the gun found on Psilakis person. His cell phone was also reviewed, and investigators uncovered information that helped to further incriminate the alleged assailant.

Psilakis now faces a murder charge for his alleged actions against the victim, all stemming from a few thousand dollars lost during a poker game.

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