After a body was found badly burned in a parking lot in Michigan near an outdoor recreation area, it was discovered that the victim was poker player Susie Zhao. It took some time, but now police have arrested a suspect, 60-year-old Jeffrey Morris, a convicted sex offender.

Morris has been formerly charged, facing first-degree premeditated murder in regards to Zhao’s death. Morris is currently in the hospital and will be sent to Oakland County Jail once he is discharged. It took 10 days for police to identify the burned body as the poker pro.

Zhao had only just recently moved to Michigan in order to be closer to her family. She was previously moving back and forth from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to compete in high stakes poker games. Morris is considered to be homeless and has a long history of criminal behavior. He was convicted of rape in 1989.

Police have reported that Zhao met Morris the night before her body was found burned in the recreation area. Investigators were able to review her phone records and it is believed that they met at a motel. Zhao had stayed at the motel a few times and it is still unclear as to what the relationship between the two actually was.

Morris was arrested a few days before in relation to another crime before he was formerly charged with the murder of Zhao. He is being held without bond due to the severe nature of the crime. Investigators have stated that there does not appear to be a link between the murder and Zhao’s gambling career.

More details surrounding the case should come to light once they are determined. The reason behind the murder still remains a mystery and will most likely be revealed once the nature of the relationship between the two is determined.

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