Joey Sal, a professional poker player, is like most players right now, in Las Vegas to take part in the World Series of Poker. Sal was reportedly leaving the Rio Hotel & Casino when he was robbed at gunpoint. The robber demanded the pro’s backpack which included his car keys and thousands of dollars.

Sal took to Twitter to talk about what happened to him. According to the pro, he was in the Pavilion parking lot of the Rio when a male in camouflage jumped out of a car and put a gun in his face. He demanded his backpack and the keys to his car. Sal decided to tweet about the incident so that players would be aware of what had happened to him onsite.

Sal feels that he was targeted. Surveillance video footage may have the robbery on film, so hopefully police will be able to track down those responsible. According to the poker player, police stated tha they have footage that shows he was targeted and followed outside of the casino.

After Sal posted about the robbery, players seemed to have varying opinions. Some felt that Sal was at fault for carrying around thousands in cash. Others felt that the WSOP and the Rio were to blame by to providing enough security within the parking lots of the facility.

Police in Las Vegas confirmed that a call came in involving a robbery in the parking lot of the casino hotel. Police arrived onsite around 5am and were told by the victim that he was approached by a male with a gun and four items were stolen from him.

Police have not confirmed to the media that the surveillance video exists. However, they did say that a detective has been assigned to the case and all available evidence will be reviewed. Caesars Entertainment provided a statement which said they were working with Metro to investigate the claim of theft. The company stated they do have extra security patrolling the parking areas during the tournament. They are also taking additional steps to ensure that participants of the WSOP have the ability to protect their money.

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