Online gambling operators in Sweden are worried now that the government has been stated to be considering a limit of online casino gaming in the region during the coronavirus outbreak. Local media reported this week that the Social Security Minister of Sweden stated that the government was looking at ‘extraordinary measures’ to protect consumers from the negative impact that online casinos could bring with players stuck at home.

Reportedly in the country, registrations for online gaming sites have increased one-third while logins among the licensed operators have increased as well. If the figures continue to increase, the government is set to take action.

While the government sees this as increased activity, analyst Martin Johannsson says the statistics are misleading as the registrations don’t necessarily mean online casino play is increasing. He also pointed out that the companies cited by the regulator are smaller and just online casino companies and they are not a representative selection.

According to Kajsa Nylander, the sustainability manager for Svenska Spel, the company has seen an increased interest in gaming across their online casino, poker and bingo offerings since the pandemic began in the region. However, the increase was so low that it cannot be discerned as purely an effect of the coronavirus or just growth in general.

Across the world, there does seem to be an increase in gaming online due to the situation regarding the virus. In many countries, the virus has taken hold and areas are encouraging people to social distance, and not leave home unless absolutely necessary. Due to being stuck at home, people are looking for ways to be entertained. For many, online gaming is the perfect solution. However, then comes the question as to if the ease of access will lead to more problem gambling.

It is a concern, but regulations are in place to ensure that operators follow certain protocols to review player accounts and provide assistance to those who may have an issue.

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