In most cases, when you hear of a robbery at a casino, it takes place at a high-profile venue. It is not uncommon for casinos to be robbed due to the amount of money on-site. With cash cages and people walking around with thousands in cash and chips, security must be tight. Because casinos are usually a target, it was surprising to find that an illegal casino was robbed this past week in Queens, New York. Apparently, a trio of robbers knew about the illegal establishment and decided to rob it.

The Robbery

The underground casino in Queens was hit early Tuesday morning, with three people coming into the venue with pistols and a shotgun. There were six people at the property at the time, and they were zip-tied so the robbers could wipe the place clean.

They took over $20,000 in cash and goods before leaving. The victims were playing video games when the robbers came inside and ordered them to get on the floor. The robbers bound the victim’s hands first, all of which ranged in age from 23 to 34.

The robbers took everything they possibly could. A total of $7,000 was taken from a locked desk drawer. Cellphones were also stolen, valued at around $13,000. Other items were stolen from the victims and the robbers did not leave without taking the facility’s surveillance system.

Sources say the venue was an illegal casino, but police have not confirmed exactly what type of business it was that the robbers hit. It is also unclear as to if police have any suspects or any inkling as to who might have committed the crime. Because the surveillance system was stolen, it seems unlikely that the property had any other type of surveillance that would help identify the people who committed the robbery.

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