Sports Betting Legislation Possible for California in 2022

California has tried and failed to pass sports betting legislation and poker gaming options in the past. The reason behind the failure is the fact that there are many stakeholders that want to invest in the gaming options. Despite the

California Nun Pleads Guilty in Gambling Theft Case

It is not uncommon for a gambling addict to steal from family, friends, and even the work place in order to fund a gambling habit. We see news stories all the time about an individual who was so caught up

Feds Raid Several Illegal Gambling Dens in San Diego

The city of San Diego was hit with raids recently, as federal agents took down 24 different slaphouses, with links to illegal gambling, drugs, and the V-Boys street gang.  The raids took place Wednesday morning and resulted in 35 arrests.

New Stay At Home Order Closes Most Card Rooms in California

On Sunday, a new stay at home order went into effect in California. Governor Gavin Newsom ordered residents to stay home after the ICU capacity at hospitals dropped under 15%. This order applies to the southern region of the state

California Casinos in Hot Water for Not Reporting COVID-19 Numbers

Tribal casinos in the United States are not bound to federal or local state laws, as the operators of such venues are considered sovereign nations. Because of this, they can choose to govern themselves. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many tribal

Illegal Gambling Den Busted in California

A task force recently raided a home in National City, California, taking down an illegal gambling den during the early morning hours. The East County Regional Gang Task Force headed to East Eight Street to search a search warrant and

California Governor Forces Cardrooms to Close Again due to Covid-19

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday that some of the largest cardrooms in California will be closed for around three weeks due to the coronavirus. As the virus remains an issue, the governor chose to restrict certain activities in

San Diego Casinos Prepare to Reopen While Local Leaders Urge Caution

After being closed for two months due to the coronavirus outbreak, casinos in San Diego, California are ready to get back to work. Several casinos in the area are preparing to reopen while local leaders are still urging caution. Moving

California Considers Sports Betting Legislation

After trying and failing several times to bring online poker gaming to their region, lawmakers in California are now setting their sights on sports betting. Senator Bill Dodd and Assemblyman Adam Gray introduced a measure, ACA 16, a bill that

California Assemblyman Proposing End to Gambling Tax Deduction

Assemblyman Adam Gray of California is ready to see changes to the gambling industry of the state including ending a gambling tax deduction. A bill is currently being sponsored by the Assemblyman that would see the $300 million loophole redirected

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