Toyko Authorities Raid Underground Poker Game

Anonymous tips to police in Tokyo led to a raid of an underground poker game that was suspected to be connected to the Yakuza, an organized crime syndicate in Japan. According to local media, the game was raided on April

US District Court Finally Approves Big Fish Games $155 Million Settlement

Aristocrat Leisure is a slot machine manufacturer located in Australia that also offers online gaming via its social company Big Fish Games. The company recently received good news from the United States district court as two lawsuits against Big Fish

High Court Cracks Down on Illegal Casinos in Bangladesh

The government of Bangladesh has been cracking down on illegal casinos over the past few months, with the most recent news revealing that the High Court has declared 13 clubs are offering illegal gambling in the region. An order was

Houston Cardrooms Raided for Illegal Activity

Two cardrooms were raided in Houston, Texas last week, as law enforcement works to crackdown on such gambling establishments and illegal activity. The Prime Social Club and the Post Oak Poker Club were both raided last week by Vice Division

Canadian Casino Employees Arrested for Private Game Involvement

Two River Rock Casino employees may soon lose their jobs after being arrested for their involvement in a private poker game taking place at a home in British Columbia. The women, who remain anonymous, work at the River Rock Casino

Paul Phua Receives Break in Illegal Gambling Case

Normally, high stakes gambler Paul Phua would most likely be taking part in the World Series of Poker right now, but unfortunately he can’t as he is facing severe charges for his connection with an illegal sports betting ring. The

Online Gambling Operation Busted in Arizona

Across the United States that are different legalizationions for online gaming. In most states, the activity is not allowed but this does not stop individuals from offering some type of gaming be in online via Internet cafes or in the

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