Nevada Casino Operators Show Opposition to iGaming Regulation Changes

A few gaming operators in Nevada are showing their opposition to an expansion within the state’s iGaming regulations. Almost 30 owners of small casinos and taverns sent a letter to the Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission detailing how they

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Sets $35m Fine Against Wynn Resorts

When the allegations of sexual misconduct broke involving Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts, the gaming company fell under major scrutiny in both Nevada and Massachusetts. The Nevada Gaming Control Board began a review of the company and decided to hand

Nevada Gaming Control Board Fines Wynn Resorts $20m

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has handed down their largest fine ever to the tune of $20 million. Wynn Resorts Ltd. will have to pay this amount as part of a settlement involving Steve Wynn and the alleged sexual misconduct

Banned Gamblers Added to the Black Book in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, the Gaming Control Board has a black book, which consists of names of individuals who are no longer allowed at any casinos in the state. Players who are added to the book are those who

Casinos Continue to Struggle for Gamers Since Shooting Massacre

In October, a mass shooting took place in Las Vegas, Nevada near the Mandalay Bay Casino, leaving 58 individuals dead and many more wounded. Since that time, casinos in Las Vegas have been unable to see a gambling win increase.

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