Toyko Authorities Raid Underground Poker Game

Anonymous tips to police in Tokyo led to a raid of an underground poker game that was suspected to be connected to the Yakuza, an organized crime syndicate in Japan. According to local media, the game was raided on April

Officials in Italy Continue to Crackdown on Illegal Gambling Operations

Authorities in Italy are working hard to crack down on illegal gambling. Recently, it was revealed that over $95 million has been seized in raids involving illegal gambling connected to organized crime. A recent investigation called Operation Double Game resulted

Houston Poker Clubs See Lawsuit and Criminal Charges Dropped

Last May, two poker clubs were raided in Houston, Texas. The Post Oak Poker Club and the Prime Social Club were subject to raids by the Vice Division of the police department in Houston, with nine individuals arrested between the

DOJ Indicts 33 Individuals Involved in Illicit Poker Games in New York City

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced that 33 individuals have been indicted in connection with illegal poker games taking place in New York City. Several charges were filed against those supposedly involved including fraud, racketeering, organizing the poker games,

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