Houston Poker Clubs See Lawsuit and Criminal Charges Dropped

Last May, two poker clubs were raided in Houston, Texas. The Post Oak Poker Club and the Prime Social Club were subject to raids by the Vice Division of the police department in Houston, with nine individuals arrested between the

Houston Cardrooms Raided for Illegal Activity

Two cardrooms were raided in Houston, Texas last week, as law enforcement works to crackdown on such gambling establishments and illegal activity. The Prime Social Club and the Post Oak Poker Club were both raided last week by Vice Division

Texas Representative Files Casino Legislation

In the United States, gambling is available in pretty much every state, in some form or fashion. States that do not have casinos, might offer bingo games. Other states, like New Jersey and Nevada, offer online gaming, land-based casinos, racinos,

Texas AG in Approval of Sports Betting

Despite the fact that the state of Texas does not have commercial casinos, it seems the state has weighed in on the ability for individual states in the US to decide on what gambling they will be able to offer.

Online Gambling Talks in Texas; Well Sort-Of

Every state seems to be considering or at least discussing online gambling in the United States. Some are wanting to pass legislation to regulate the industry within their own borders while others want nothing to do with it and are

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