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888 Poker NJ
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  • Some of the softest cash games in reside here despite being only the 3rd-highest trafficked NJ site.
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888poker NJ

Sitting in third place in the New Jersey market is 888 Poker NJ – currently located on the All American Poker Network. In spite of the fact that the other two remaining players in the game, Party Borgata and WSOP New Jersey, attract more players, there still are a significant amount of New Jersey online poker players that play on the All American Poker Network, so that does at least say something about them.

There are a couple of main reasons behind this, and the first is that it isn’t just a matter of playing at the most popular sites, or that’s all we’d ever see is the biggest one, and if you take this a little further, there would only be one poker site in each market because everyone would simply play there.

The second reason, and one that tends to be overlooked, is that there’s nothing stopping people from playing at more than one poker site, this isn’t like a marriage by any means and a lot of players have accounts at multiple poker sites.

Some players can only have one account right now though and if so I would suggest that you go with one of the other two sites, and the reason I say this isn’t just because the traffic is better at these other two, they are a little better poker sites in general I would say.

Even very modestly bankrolled players can maintain multiple accounts, and provided that all of the poker sites that one plays at is decent, and all of the poker sites in New Jersey are definitely at least decent, then having more than one account expands the game selection, not taking away from the action but instead adding to it.

So if there are 40 tables running at one site and only 20 running at another, or 40 tournaments versus 20, if you choose between them then you either will end up with 40 cash tables or tournaments versus 20, or you could simply choose both and have 60 of each to choose from.

This is something that newer players fail to account for and even a lot of experienced ones don’t think about enough, so when I see people saying, I don’t want to play at a certain site and I’d rather play at this site instead because they have more traffic, and the other site doesn’t have enough for me, this just means that you may not want to just have one account at the slower site, it does not mean you don’t want an account at there period.

I don’t want you to think that the traffic at the All American Poker Network is really that slow, they have about half the traffic as Party Borgata and two thirds the traffic of WSOP New Jersey, but there’s still enough of it to make considering having an account at 888 Poker NJ worth your time and money.

Why Play at 888Poker NJ?

While this is called a network, it’s really mostly just the 888 Poker site. 888 Poker is of course a leading provider of online poker worldwide, and although they provide the software for WSOP New Jersey as well, they have more of a hand in this one and it’s their main site in New Jersey.

Although all of the New Jersey sites are partnerships between online poker sites and land based casinos, and a land based casino license is required to get an online one in New Jersey, the All American Poker Network is as close as you’ll come to an offshore site, because the land based interests play less of a role in the operation of the poker room than is the case with the other two.

Given that the offshore poker rooms are the experts here, and the land based casinos are for the most part along with the ride, this does give more latitude to the offshore room, in this case 888, to utilize their expertise more effectively. I don’t see this as being a big deal really although it is worth mentioning, the only thing I can see here is that there seems to be an even stronger commitment to the success of this poker site than there is with the other two, which can only be a good thing.

Players consider the software here and at WSOP New Jersey to be a little better than the Party Poker based software run at Party Borgata, but all of these sites offer good software so I don’t think that should be considered very meaningful. Still though, some players have real preferences as far as software goes, and the only way to really know what you like is to try them all.

In terms of the amount of money that they give away in proportion to their revenues, the All American Poker Network leads the way in New Jersey, and while they may not have as many promotion schemes as the other sites, they more than make up for this in terms of value added.

If you like freerolls then this is definitely the place for them, and they are particularly generous with their freeroll rollout at this site.

888 Poker NJ’s Current Bonuses and Promotions

New players get a no deposit bonus of $10 to use for poker and $10 to use in the casino, which is competitive with the other New Jersey sites, although this isn’t ever a matter of needing to choose from among these offers as you can take advantage of them all if you want.

The regular welcome bonus is 100% of your initial deposit, up to $300, but they are known to go higher in order to attract bigger deposits, for instance at the time of this writing they are bumping this up to a total of $888, for a limited time, making this the biggest welcome bonus in the state.

In any case it’s a good deal, you get paid to try them out and if you’re going to try out these online poker sites, getting paid to do it is certainly a bonus. You do want to focus only on the good sites but this is a good site and plenty good enough to give them a shot at winning your business, and getting paid for simply doing something you want to anyway, which is playing online poker for real money.

The rewards program at All American is also a good one, and is actually the best in the state, so if you are a frequent player then this site may really appeal to you in particular. 888 Poker, the people behind All American, know that you need to spend money to make money and they aren’t afraid to do just that, and seem to be less complacent here than the other sites, perhaps because they are in third place and need to try harder. That’s to our benefit though.

As for the promotions, they do vary a lot and this is something you’ll have to check out as far as what happens to be running when you register and deposit with them, but their promotions are good overall and as good or better than the other sites overall.

My Recommendation

There are certainly some poker sites out there that I would steer players well clear of, but there are no such sites that operate in the state of New Jersey. Overall, the All American Poker Network may be the least appealing of the three based upon popularity and traffic anyway, but they are well worth a try and especially well worth collecting the bonus money that they have for you, and then you can simply decide for yourself.

So that is what I suggest you should do, just click on our link to them, register for your free account, get your free $10, and then go from there. Your first deposit will earn some more money and then as you get a better feel for what they have to offer compared to the other sites you can decide.

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