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Online Poker Europe — Best Online Poker Sites in Europe & Poker Laws (2024)

BetOnline Poker

Bonus Offer: 100% up to $1000
Available Countries
Accepts US players
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Available Games
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
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  • Great gaming library
  • Numerous tournaments
  • Hefty welcome bonus
  • Additional bonuses for crypto users
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Poker has enthralled people for years, but when online versions became prominent, even more Europeans started playing for real money. Online poker games are designed to be accommodating for all types of players — even those who don’t want to invest much can still play them long-term.

Poker is a versatile game that mostly requires skills, making it increasingly popular among online players who want to gamble for real money. If you’re willing to enter the market as a casual or even high-stakes player, you have many options available to you.

With the recent popularity of online poker, many new poker sites have surfaced. These websites allow European players to connect with others from around the world to play a wide range of poker games. However, it is important that players only join the best room for them.

Deeper in this article, you will find detailed information about poker rooms and the legality of online gambling in each Europe state. You will also be taught how to start playing by choosing the right site for you and more. Be sure to carefully read through everything so that way when you’re done, you’ll be ready to play at some of top Europe’s best poker sites.

Best Online Poker Sites in Europe for 2024

We know that finding the best online poker sites in Europe can be difficult, so we did the work for you. We only chose platforms that excel in all the essential criteria, and we’ll explain our process in detail below.

The following is a list of great online poker sites for Europeans that we compiled, but please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive or final list. We’ll do our best to update it as often as possible with new finds and by removing ones that are no longer up to par.

BetOnline Poker

Bonus Offer: 100% up to $1000
Available Countries
Accepts US players
More Info
Available Games
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
Payment Methods
  • Great gaming library
  • Numerous tournaments
  • Hefty welcome bonus
  • Additional bonuses for crypto users

Ignition Poker

Bonus Offer: 150% up to $1500
Available Countries
Accepts US players
More Info
Available Games
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
Payment Methods
  • A lucrative welcome bonus
  • Plenty of regular promotions
  • A great VIP scheme
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies

Everygame Poker

Bonus Offer: 200% up to $1000
Available Countries
Accepts US players
More Info
Available Games
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
Payment Methods
  • Host of cash games and tournaments
  • Great welcome bonus
  • Game variety
  • Good loyalty program
8 reviews found based on your search. Clear all filters

How Did We Pick the Europe Poker Sites for You to Join?

We rank poker rooms by checking shared specific criteria and analyzing them carefully. We entirely avoid any with a poor reputation or fishy behavior.

Thanks to our system, you can be confident that we only recommend legal, reputable poker sites. Now, let’s go over what we check so that you can find the best European poker sites on your own.

Security and Licensing

SafetyPersonal safety is always important, but it’s paramount when using poker sites located outside Europe. Only use licensed and reputable websites to play to avoid any potential disasters.

The sites we recommend are always licensed by respected regulatory bodies and use the latest security measures, like SSL encryption and strong firewalls, so that players feel safe about their information and money.


Game Variety and Player Pools

Poker GamesThe most popular variant in Europe poker sites is Texas Hold’em, but there are also other games like Omaha, Draw Poker, Razz and Seven Card Stud. The more poker variations on offer, the better.

Naturally, we also check that the sites we recommend are popular among poker players, so they always have big-enough player pools. That way, you’ll consistently have someone to play against.

Bonuses and Promotions

BonusWe recommend only the best Europe poker sites, which also means a wide range of poker bonuses and promotions. The most important one is the welcome bonus, of course.

Some gambling sites might have a lot of bonuses. Still, it can happen that these don’t apply to poker games, so we have to ensure that the site in question offers bonuses specifically for poker or for live games and table games, as these include poker as well.

It’s also crucial that these bonuses have fair wagering requirements and terms, as that’s the only way they can be helpful for you.

Quality of Site Design and App

Mobile PokerNobody wants to play on an outdated site without mobile support or a dedicated app. And yet many poker rooms tend to have terrible designs and poor user experience.

That’s why we always make sure to take into account the design, usability, functionality, user experience, and more. We also ensure the site is either mobile-friendly or has a dedicated app so you can always play poker on your phone.

Customer Support

Customer SupportCustomer service is essential to every user-oriented business, and poker sites are no different. The best poker sites for Europe players always have excellent customer support, or they can’t be called the best.

This means that they offer 24/7 support, helpful and responsive agents, and support through live chat, phone, or email.

Payment System and Methods

Payment MethodsA real-money poker Europe platform needs to have a lot of popular payment methods — the ones European poker players tend to use. Naturally, the payment system also needs to be robust, handle large transactions, and let you make fast transactions without fees.

We check all that and ensure the site offers payment methods like credit and debit cards, e-wallets (Neteller and Skrill mostly), and even cryptocurrencies.

Poker Room Reputation and Reviews

ReviewThe poker site’s reputation is also crucial, as it always shows how good a gambling platform is.

We continually scour the web for user reviews and feedback to determine that the poker room’s reputation is good enough for our audience.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and ConditionsYou should always check the terms and conditions of a site to see if it has some hidden quirks that might ruin your overall experience there. This might include withdrawal amount caps, very high minimum withdrawals/deposits, time-constrained promotions and more.

Naturally, this can be time-consuming, which is why our experts do it for you. They know what to look for, so they can easily spot issues in the terms and conditions of the site and its bonuses.

History of Online Poker in Europe

Online poker has been a popular game in Europe for many years. In fact, some of the first online poker sites were established in Europe. Online poker offers players a convenient way to play the game, and it also provides an opportunity to play against players from all over the world.

Online poker is also a popular choice for European players because it offers a wide variety of games and stakes. Online poker is regulated in many European countries, and there are a number of online poker sites that are licensed to operate in Europe. Online poker is a safe and secure way to play the game, and it is an excellent way to earn money.

Online poker is a great game for European players, and it is a popular choice for many people who live in Europe.

Is Online Poker Legal in Europe?

Online poker is a hugely popular pastime all over the world, with millions of people logging on to play every day. But is it legal? The answer, unfortunately, is not black and white.

In most European countries, online poker is considered to be a game of chance, and as such it is subject to gambling laws. This means that there are some restrictions in place, but these vary from country to country. For example, in some countries you may only be able to play for real money if you are a resident of that country. In others, there may be no restrictions at all.

So if you’re planning on playing online poker in Europe, it’s always best to check the local laws before you sit down at the table. With a little research, you should be able to find everything you need to know and enjoy a game of online poker without worry.

Individual Poker Laws in Europe (by Country)

As far as the future of poker in Europe goes, online poker continues to be very popular, and there is room for growth here. In terms of the laws, they continue to evolve with each year and the trend is toward looking to increase the tax revenue generated by online poker, which is something governments are pretty fond of, although there are some schemes that are not very well thought out at all, both proposed ones and ones that governments actually are trying to get to work.

So we have a detailed discussion of the poker and poker laws for all 44 countries in Europe, which will provide you with a good overview of what’s going on in each country as far as poker laws are concerned, in addition to where this may be headed.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
North Macedonia
San Marino
United Kingdom
Vatican City

Other Regions & Territories

Faroe Islands
Åland Islands
Svalbard and Jan Mayen
Isle of Man

How to Play Poker Online in Europe — Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re looking to join a European poker site, have no fear! The process is identification, simple. And it’s more or less uniform across different sites. So let’s break down the steps:

Look for a Good Poker Site

The primary step is to select the site you’ll play on. PokerLaws offers many options for different players, all of which are safe to play on.

Set Up an Account

To create an account on the chosen website, click the “Join/Register” button.

You will only need to input a few pieces of data, like your name, email, phone number, and address. Confirm that the information is accurate and yours before continuing on to the next steps. The entire process should only take a minute or less.

After you create your account, you will need to verify it using the code sent to your email or phone.

Join and Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Navigate to the Deposit page on the site. Choose your deposit method and enter all required information, ensuring accuracy. Input the amount you want to deposit, making sure it is enough to claim any available bonuses, then confirm payment.

Depending on the site and your chosen method, you should receive your money either instantly or within a few minutes.

Start Playing!

When the money is in your account, you can go to the game section and find a free table to start playing poker.


Real Money Online Poker Buy-ins and Other Costs

Poker sites in Europe that use real money rarely require large buy-ins for regular games or tournaments. There are of course enough options for high-stakes players, but most are designed with more casual players in mind so they can enjoy the game without spending a fortune.

Cash games tend to have lower buy-ins, starting as low as $1. Tournaments usually require a higher buy-in, but the prizes are often one hundred times higher, making them worth the investment.

Withdrawal fees are the most common type of fee, however they’re usually charged by the payment method rather than the poker site. These types of fees will always be stated on either the Payments page or in the Terms and Conditions section.

Poker Bonuses and Promotions 

The best online poker sites for European players offer a plethora of bonuses to make your time at the site more enjoyable and enriching.

Because there’s such immense competition between gambling websites, they often offer inductive bonuses and other promotions to members in order to get them to join.

Here are the main types of bonuses you’ll likely get to claim on most of these sites:

  • Welcome Bonus (Matched bonus) — Nearly every European poker site offers a welcome bonus, which is awarded upon joining the platform. This typically comes in the form of a matched bonus, meaning you get an equal amount of funds deposited into your account.
  • Reload Bonuses — these are usually matched deposit bonuses that you can claim multiple times, often on a weekly basis.
  • Loyalty Programs — These programs are designed to keep you coming back for more. You earn points with every bet you make, which can be used to get rewards, bonuses, or free entries into tournaments. These programs typically let you advance through levels as you continue betting, so the more loyal you are, the greater the rewards!
  • Tournaments with Free Entry — Although most poker tournaments require a buy-in, on some occasions site may award you a promo that allows you to enter a specific tournament cost-free.

Online Poker Variations You Can Play

Online poker has four main categories:

  • Cash games — The traditional format where you enter the game and receive money whenever you win. The buy-ins are typically low.
  • Poker tournaments — A tournament has many players, each paying a buy-in to participate. The game lasts until only one player is left, usually winning most of the prize money.
  • Sit n Gos — SNGs are less structured than poker tournaments. They usually have a specific size and start as soon as all the player spots are filled.
  • Fast-Fold poker — This format is rare as it requires a lot of players to work. Players are organized into pools, and you move to the next hand as soon as you fold.

Many people play No-Limit Texas Hold’em because it is the most popular poker variation in Europe and beyond. However, Omaha variants like Omaha 8 and Pot Limit Omaha are also widely played.

Even though they are not played nearly as often, it’s worth mentioning a few that enjoy some popularity. These are 7-Card Stud, Razz, Omaha Hi-Lo, and 5-Card Draw.

Responsible Gambling – Where to Seek Help Regarding Problem Gambling

All gamblers, not just poker players, need to be responsible with their spending. It’s advisable that you have a certain amount of money set aside specifically for gambling, and if you feel like you’re losing control, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

If you’re struggling to keep your gaming under control, seek professional help immediately. Here are some organizations that can assist you:

  • European Gambling Addiction Helpline – This helpline provides free and confidential counseling for people with gambling problems. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Gamblers Anonymous and Gambling Therapy – These organizations provide support and resources for people with a gambling problem. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please seek help from one of these organizations.


How much money can I win playing online poker in Europe? This depends on a few factors, such as your skill level, the type of game you’re playing, and the stakes you’re betting. Generally speaking, if you’re a skilled player and are playing at high stakes, you could potentially win thousands of euros in a single session.
Are online poker winnings taxable in Europe? This depends on the country you’re playing from. Some countries, like the United Kingdom, tax gambling winnings, while others, like Malta, do not. Be sure to check your local laws and regulations before playing online poker for real money.
Can I play online poker for free in Europe? Yes! Most online poker rooms offer play money games that you can use to learn the ropes or try out new strategies. These games are a great way to familiarize yourself with the software and gameplay before playing for real money.
What is the legal age for playing online poker in Europe? The legal gambling age varies from country to country, but is typically 18 or 21. Be sure to check your local laws and regulations before playing online poker for real money.
Is online poker rigged? No! Online poker is not rigged. The games are fair and random, and the sites are regulated by gaming authorities to ensure that they are operating transparently and fairly.

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