Privacy Policy

mainPicture_privacyThe purpose of a Website’s privacy policy is to provide users with information about what information that Website collects and how it will be used. Our privacy policy is pretty short, because we don’t collect much information. The information we do collect is pretty standard, and it would be hard for us to somehow mis-use that personal information, even if we tried.

I’ll explain further.

What Private Information We Collect

We don’t collect email addresses via a form, like other sites do. If at some point we do start collecting email addresses, we will not sell your email address or that list to someone else. That would be wrong, and we’re not interested in violating our own moral code.

If you contact us via email, then we’ll have access to your email address. We’ll use that information to reply to you, IF we decide to send you a reply. We don’t promise to reply to every email we receive, but as far as our privacy policy goes, the main thing you need to know is that we’re not going to mis-use your email address.

We also collect information via our log files and our Web analytics program. This kind of information is used to help us better understand our visitors so that we can better serve them on future visits. For example, we receive information about what resolution you view our site in. That might motivate us to change the width of our site.

We also receive information about what keyword phrases you used to find out site in the search engines. We use that information to determine which content we’re publishing was effective and helpful, and we publish more content like that. (And we publish less content of the type that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic.)

The site might or might not use cookies. If you don’t know what cookies are or how they work, you should research that for yourself and then make decisions about what your cookie settings will be on your computer.

That about covers it.

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