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  • is the top legal online poker option for Nevada residents.
  • WSOP NV has the best software in the state and even give you FREE $$ to sign up.
  • WSOP Nevada provides solid cash games and MTT options for beginners and pros alike.
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At the time of this writing anyway, if you’re looking to play online poker in Nevada, your choices are pretty limited, it’s between Nevada and…..well Nevada. There used to be two poker sites running in this state, WSOP and Ultimate Poker, but as it turned out the state was too small to support both, and the less successful Ultimate Poker ended up folding their hand.

So this has certainly made recommending the best poker site in the state of Nevada pretty easy, it really comes down to whether you want to play online poker at all, and if so, this is the only choice you have right now. Whether that will change or not remains to be seen but for the time being it’s a very good site so you aren’t really getting cheated here.

I have been recommending this site all along as the top choice in Nevada, and players ended up agreeing, to the extent that they frequented WSOP more and contributed to their success. It wasn’t as if WSOP had cornered the market though, they have been consistently more busy than Ultimate Poker for a while now, but not by a huge margin by any means.

WSOP Nevada had been challenging Party/Borgata for the title of the busiest online poker site in the U.S. when they ran their WSOP promotion during the summer, and this ended up dropping off as was expected when this promotion ended, but now that they have the state to themselves, they have been able to bolster things so that they are able to maintain that higher level of traffic without any special promotions like this.

They are right up there with Party Poker NJ again as the most popular U.S. based site and will likely be able to maintain these numbers now that players in Nevada have nowhere else to play online. So while Nevada players may be down to one site it’s a pretty busy one which can only be a good thing.

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Players who haven’t registered before for an account at WSOP Nevada are in for a surprise! Register a new player account today and receive $10 in FREE POKER CASH right off the bat – without even having to make a deposit.

Once you do make your first deposit, WSOP Nevada will match your first deposit with bonus cash, 100% up to $400. Unlike the no deposit bonus, you don’t get this bonus money right away, you get it released into your poker account as you try out the site, in increments as you accumulate player points.

There are also a number of promotions and they have these running all of the time, and they do change for the sake of variety, and this gives you extra opportunities to collect some extra cash along the way.

WSOP also has a rewards program which directly rewards you for your play, and they have 4 different levels that you can achieve, with better rewards accruing as you move up. This is definitely skewed towards the more active players but all players can benefit from this regardless of stakes or activity level.’s Superior Software

Like their sister site New Jersey, WSOP Nevada is run by Caesars, who owns the World Series of Poker brand as well as being the largest gaming company in the world with many significant land based gaming properties.

The software is provided by 888 Poker, who run the second largest online poker site in the world, next to PokerStars, who at the time of this writing has thus far not been allowed into the U.S. market in any capacity, although that seems to be set to change in New Jersey at least.

This is the same highly-rated poker software that 888 Poker uses on its main site which caters to the rest of the world, and it’s an excellent software package which is well loved by countless players. I started playing at this poker site when they opened up many years ago and their software was terrible for most of this time but they really upgraded it big time a few years ago and it’s now as good or better than anything out there.

Both the lobby and the tables are well laid out and you can easily find what you want and make it look like you want as well. This is the only software that I’m aware of that offers four color full color decks, something that is a big hit with active players as it allows you to see the suit of cards more easily, as the cards themselves are different colors, not just the markings on them.

Ultimate Poker used to be the biggest poker site in the state and it’s said that WSOP’s superior software package played a big role in their overtaking Ultimate Poker and eventually ended up being the last site standing.

More Reasons To Try WSOP Nevada

As I’ve mentioned, the traffic here is actually pretty good, it isn’t anything like the biggest sites out there but as far as what’s available as far as U.S. regulated poker goes it’s as good as it gets here right now.

If you’re looking to play a lot of tables then you probably won’t be able to do that here although there’s enough traffic for some multi tabling at least, depending on the stakes. U.S. poker sites in general tend to have their traffic less concentrated at the lowest stakes by the way, and the opportunity to play bigger stakes is can actually be better than what you see at the unregulated rooms.

Tournaments are pretty popular here and you will find a very good selection of them, whether you like sit and go tournaments or larger ones.

Banking options are very good, as you might expect with a regulated site. In addition to being able to deposit with your Visa or MasterCard, you can make deposits right from your bank account, at a 7-11 store using Pay Near Me, at the cashier at the Rio, and even with Neteller, which is the one I recommend as it can be used for quick and convenient withdrawals as well.

Neteller’s re-entry into the U.S. market, in both Nevada and New Jersey now, is a welcome site for online poker players as they used to be the favorite among American players before they were forced to pull out of the U.S. market, but they are finally back.

In addition to Neteller, withdrawals can also be made right into your bank account, which is plenty convenient as well, in addition to receiving a draft sent to you or collecting it at the Rio cage.

The customer service here is decent enough and keep in mind that you are dealing with the world’s most successful gaming company and they didn’t get there without knowing how to take care of their players.

My Recommendation

This is the easiest recommendation I’ve ever made, by far, as there is no real choice involved among sites, it really comes down to whether or not you want to play online poker in Nevada, and if you do, well WSOP is the only game in town right now.

Having said that though, this really is a good poker site and while they don’t have any competition anymore, they sort of do, and that’s the competition from people doing something else besides playing online poker.

They do want to keep their numbers up and it’s clear that in order to do this they do need to keep working hard at making players happy. So while this is now a monopoly of sorts, the conditions still remain for them to fight for your business and they will continue to do so.

So if you live in Nevada and haven’t tried out this poker site before I welcome you to do so. Online poker is a lot of fun and there’s no reason anymore to deny yourself this privilege now that online poker is fully legal in Nevada.

So go ahead and give this a try if you haven’t had the pleasure of doing so already and click on our link to them to get started.

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