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  • is the most recognized brand of all the legal NJ online poker rooms.
  • According to, has 300 to 500 cash game players online DAILY.
  • Promo Leaderboards allow up to $3,000 in added monthly bonuses for player milestones.
$400 Bonus (T&C apply. 18+) New Jersey

WSOP stands for World Series of Poker, the same World Series of Poker that’s played every year in Las Vegas. So this is the most prestigious brand in poker, and it’s owned by Caesar’s Entertainment, the largest gaming company in the world with annual revenues of almost $9 billion.

So this just isn’t the big leagues, it’s as big as it gets really, and Caesar’s isn’t just a big name it’s also a pretty well trusted one. This all really isn’t even much of an issue with regulated gaming though, as it is with playing at offshore sites, where you want to make sure that you can trust the companies operating these sites, as with regulated gaming in New Jersey and elsewhere you have the full power of the government backing you up.

Even so, this is a prestige offering to be sure, and Caesar’s added to this by selecting 888 Poker to provide their software. 888’s poker software used to be known as among the worst in the business at one time, back when they operated as Pacific Poker, the poker room always did pretty well but wasn’t a top tier poker room by any definition, until they made some huge improvements and now sit as second only to Poker Stars in terms of popularity.

A big part of their growth had to do with the quality of their software upgrade, which went from perhaps the worst to perhaps the best. It wasn’t that their old software was a big deal but it was very spartan and unappealing although the players didn’t seem to care too much as this has always been a great place to play poker and the company has always been very well run.

It’s not that the software at any New Jersey regulated poker room is any sort of real issue, but the software provided at WSOP New Jersey as well as the All American Poker Network, both provided by 888 Poker, tends to be rated more highly by users than the PartyPoker based software run at the Party Borgata sites, although the Party software is quite good. The 888-based software is a little better though.

Some players may prefer one or the other though based upon personal preference, and so players should really try them out for themselves to really decide, and with the limited amount of choice in New Jersey here, three poker networks and two different software packages, there’s no reason why everyone should not try out all of these poker sites anyway.

As far as software goes, it really comes down to whether it works well and it looks good and all of the software offered at the New Jersey poker rooms fit this requirement at least, so there’s no need to be concerned about any of this really.

Reasons To Try Out WSOP New Jersey

Perhaps the best reason to try out this poker room is that it is there. Some players complain about the lesser amount of traffic at these sites compared to what they may have been used to before regulated poker, and while the New Jersey sites don’t have the amount of traffic that the bigger offshore poker rooms do, Party Borgata and WSOP New Jersey’s traffic is still pretty decent and there’s no reason to think that they aren’t sufficient for most players. You won’t be able to play a whole whack of tables at the same time by any means, but you can still multi table here if you want.

A lot of players who do want to play more tables get caught in the mistaken thinking that they need to focus on one single poker site, and it’s not really a matter of choosing between site A and site B, as you can play at both, and at the same time as well. So if you want to play 4 tables and there’s only 2 tables running at one of the sites and 2 tables running at the other one, why not play them all?

There is also the matter of wanting the ability to choose the best tables at either of them at any given time, and this is another benefit of maintaining more than one account. Sure, this will require two different bankrolls, or three if you want all three sites, but this isn’t a big deal as you can just split them up accordingly.

If you are brand new or only have a small amount of money to put in, then one site at a time makes more sense, but you can try out these sites one at a time and be rewarded with bonus money at each for doing so, and then you can decide which one you like afterward.

So it isn’t even a matter of which New Jersey poker site is best, it’s really only a matter of which ones are good enough, and all of the New Jersey sites out there right now are good enough, including WSOP New Jersey.

Their traffic has lagged behind Party Borgata a little but they still have a good amount and it’s never just about traffic, as there are other considerations as well of course.

More Reasons To Play At WSOP New Jersey

To get you started, WSOP New Jersey offers all new registrants $10 for free to play with, without even making a deposit. Then, when you do make your first deposit, which you will want to do because the $10 will only go so far, they will match your deposit with an equivalent amount of bonus cash, up to $400.

As you try the site out, your bonus money becomes released to you in increments, as is the standard practice with deposit bonuses generally.

They also have a rewards program where once you unlock all of your bonus money, further play earns points which become redeemed for further rewards. WSOP New Jersey initially had some very high reward payouts, and they have had to scale this down recently, but it is still fairly generous and quite competitive with the other sites.

These poker sites are all fiercely competing for your business and that’s always a good thing, and this includes regular promotions that add value to playing there. WSOP New Jersey’s promotions aren’t particularly noteworthy, although they do have some, and in the end it’s the total experience that matters anyway, how it is to play poker at a given site in other words, and they stack up quite well in this department.

The banking options are awesome and all of the New Jersey sites offer a nice selection but they are all similar so no one stands out here, although being able to deposit and withdraw with Neteller again as well as Skrill is certainly a big plus for the industry as a whole.

You can also use your credit cards on all of the New Jersey sites with no problems, this is regulated poker after all and there are no worries here at all about anything. This is the biggest advantage of regulated poker in fact, no more having to worry about poker sites looking to circumvent the authorities by coming up with ways to escape detection that are a real pain for poker sites and players alike.

My Recommendation

This is a good poker site to be sure and I encourage all poker playing residents of New Jersey to try this site out and collect the bonus money they have for you. It’s a good idea to have an account here anyway as you want to expand your game selection even if you end up preferring one of the other two places to play in the state.

At worst though you’ll collect some extra cash and gain some first hand experience of what this poker site is all about and everything they have to offer. Reviews like this can help but there is no substitute for first hand knowledge. Click on our link to them to give them a shot.

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