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Cameroon Poker Laws

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Cameroon is a modestly sized country by African standards of about 22 million people on the east coast of Africa. Cameroon would be considered a very poor country if not for the fact that they are better off than several countries in Sub Saharan Africa and while their per capita PPP GDP is only about $3000, that’s significantly higher than the many African countries. The economy here is definitely growing and is expected to continue to do so for many year.

Cameroon in particular has undeveloped resources that they are looking forward to taking more advantage of in the coming years. Only a third of the population here lives below the international poverty line, compared to the majority of people in some other countries on this continent, so they have made progress but there is room for quite a bit more to be sure. (1)

Many of the people here are sustenance farmers and agriculture does still comprise a fairly large percentage of the economy here, although industry has taken over the top spot lately and they are looking to expand this even further in the years to come. Economic growth in Cameroon is among the highest in Africa.

Cameroon has passed two major laws dealing with gambling, with the first law being passed in 1992, making gambling here legal, and the second one in 2005, which looked to regulate and tax it a lot more.

Gambling operators in Cameroon have complained ever since about the high tax burden placed upon them by this most recent law, and taxation rates on gambling here are indeed very high. This has no doubt affected the growth of the gambling market here although it continues to be quite healthy by African standards at least. (2)

The gambling scene in Cameroon is surprisingly well developed for an African country, and in particular, one that isn’t that well off economically. Tourists are certainly targeted here, but the majority of gambling that goes on in Cameroon is by Cameroonians, much more so than in many African countries.

Cameroon has many ways to gamble legally, they have a lottery, casinos, other places to play casino games, poker, horse racing, and sports betting, the full gamut of gambling really. There’s also quite a bit of it around as well.

There are concerns though about people overspending on gambling, and this seems to be more of an issue here than you usually see in African countries, given the relative lack of prosperity that Cameroonians enjoy and the rather widespread amount of gambling that goes on.

So some worry about people spending money on gambling rather than on basic essentials, and the government at least claims that these high taxes will cut down on that, although it’s doubtful that this is the case, and this sure looks more like a money grab than anything else, but the law remains in place, the tax rates are still high, but a lot of gambling still goes on. (3)

As far as casinos go, Cameroon has 3 of them, a decent amount for an African country. The largest offers 74 slot machines, and there are a total of 116 slot machines and 14 table games combined at the three casinos, although there are a lot more slot machines than that at other establishments tailored toward the locals.

Overall, its easy to find gambling here in the urban areas, and there is plenty of land based gambling, including the lottery, that can be readily accessed by much of the population here, and gambling is quite popular here.


Playing Poker in Cameroon

As far as live poker goes, Cameroon does have a single poker room with a single poker table, so one poker table among 22 million people is certainly not a lot, and poker really isn’t very big here, especially land based poker. (4)

The wave of poker that has spread to many countries already hasn’t penetrated Cameroon that much as of yet, and this is also the case with some other African countries as well, particularly those who have low internet penetration and therefore rely on land based gambling heavily.

The rush of poker though has been an internet phenomenon pretty much though, and without widespread access to the internet, well this isn’t going to happen very much, and this explains quite well the fact that poker isn’t a popular game in Cameroon and some other African countries as of yet, and we do see this in other countries in other areas of the world who still have little internet access.

Cameroon isn’t anywhere near as bad off as some of their African neighbors though as far as internet penetration levels go, and have come a long way lately, going from just 20,000 users in 2000 to 2.6 million today. So although that’s still only 11% of the population, it’s several times the percentage of the countries in Africa with the lowest penetration rates, and 2.6 million users is indeed a significant amount and a significant potential market for online poker as well. (5)

Given Cameroon’s liberal and permissive approach to gambling in general, none of the major online poker sites have a problem accepting players from Cameroon, and even the most conservative of them are eager to let Cameroonians play on their poker sites.

So this makes it easy for us to recommend the top 5 online poker sites for players from Cameroon, as this is our top 5 picks in the world period, and any of them will take you, which is definitely good news.


Top Online Poker Sites For Players From Cameroon

As long as you have the means to go online and only a little money to deposit, you can enjoy the best that the world of online poker has to offer, at any of the very best online poker sites out there. It doesn’t take a lot of money by the way to play online poker, as due to the structure of online poker you can play games at whatever stake you can afford, stakes that are way smaller than what could possibly be offered at live poker tables.

This is due to the extremely small cost of running poker tables online versus the costs of running live tables, and has been the great equalizer around the world, allowing for people who cannot afford to play live poker the opportunity to play all the real money poker they wish, right from the convenience of their own computers at their own homes.

So the next step is deciding where to play, and for your benefit we will present to you what are the 5 best online poker sites in the world, in our extensive experience. All of these top sites offer new players nice bonuses to help welcome you and help start you on your way there.

888 Poker is a great place to start and there very well be no poker room this good in the world period. We have loved this poker room for many years now, long before it started to really take off and climb all the way to its current position at the top of the rankings. They have made a good poker room even better over the last few years though and they have everything an online poker play could want and more.

Titan Poker and Bet 365 Poker are both also very good choices for online poker players, and they both are on the same network so they are being mentioned together here. Both offer some great poker, and Bet 365 is also a worldwide leader in sports betting and while both sites offer sports betting, Bet 365’s is considered among the very best.

Party Poker is very fussy these days and the list of countries where they don’t take players from is a long one, but Cameroon isn’t on it. Party Poker has been a leader in online poker for a very long time now, since the early days of online poker actually, and continue to provide online poker players with a superior experience, lots of traffic and games to select from, and top notch service.

Black Chip Poker rounds out our top 5 and they don’t quite have the traffic that our other 4 picks have, but the are quickly catching up. The reason is that as more and more players try out this poker room they are discovering that it’s a very good one indeed, and they get more converts by the day. This is another top site that’s well worth your checking out.



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