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Comoros Poker Laws

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The Comoros is an island nation off the coast of Mozambique in Eastern Africa, which is a collection of islands that used to be a French possession but declared their independence back in 1975. Not all of the islands wished to be independent though, and one of them, Mayotte, still remains contested, partly due to the fact that the people of Mayotte chose to vote to remain with France, in spite of the government of the Comoros insisting that they have political control over them.

Since independence was declared, there have been no less than 20 political coup attempts here, many of which were successful, and the lack of political stability in the Comoros over this time is no less than legendary. The United Nations Security Council has stepped in to try to unify the Comoros more but France has been unwilling to give up their ties to the islands and has used their veto power to prevent this.

Things have stabilized more lately though and the present government here is elected and has been in power since 2011. For now at least, Mayotte continues to be administered by France, but the Comoros government currently holds power over the other islands. The strife here has been pretty much from within, and it was only when France stepped aside that the trouble began, but we’ve moved toward a lot more stability here lately at least, although the issue of Mayotte remains not completely resolved. (1)

The Comoros is a Muslim country, but unlike most, they do have legal gambling, and they do have casinos as well, although legal gambling here is confined to playing at one of their casinos, although local residents are welcome to play at them as well as tourists. (2)

The Comoros is one of the world’s poorest countries though, with about half the population living below the poverty line, and per capita PPP GDP only being around $1300 a year, although there are several other countries in Africa with a similarly poor economy and the Comoros really doesn’t stand out too much here other than with their being in the bottom grouping of the continent‘s less fortunate.

So with gambling being confined to the casinos, and the majority of the population not being well off enough to even be close to being able to afford gambling in them, this leaves the Comoros gambling market pretty much underserved.

Due to constraints by religious beliefs, particularly given that Islam plays a significant role in the lawmaking here, they are reticent to expand the gambling here to make it more accessible, and they don’t even have a lottery, although this is a pretty small country to support much of a lottery in any case.

So there really isn’t that much disposable income to gamble with here in any case, and the people here, due to religious beliefs in large part, aren’t really that eager to gamble anyway, so this makes the Comoros not exactly fertile ground for the expansion of gambling in any case.


Playing Poker in Comoros

The Comoros does have 2 casinos, although they are very small even by African standards, with the largest having 2 table games and 28 slot machines. So these are more like gambling halls than casinos, other than the fact that they are located in hotels and tailor to tourists. (3)

The massive political instability here that the Comoros has seen over the last 40 years hasn’t done much for their tourism industry though, and has tended to scare away tourists in favor of the more popular African island tourist destinations in the area. Perhaps this will change in time though but there just isn’t the infrastructure or the level of promotion in place to see tourism in the Comoros expand very much anytime soon.

With casinos this small though, and their being out of reach of most of the people, we wouldn’t expect much live poker to be offered, and indeed, there are no live poker tables here at either casino. Live poker hasn’t really landed on the shores of the Comoros yet, and it might be a while before it does.

As far as online poker goes, as might be expected in a country this poor, internet penetration is low, and only about 6.5% of the people here have access to the internet. This only cashes out to about 50,000 people who can actually go online and play poker, and given that poker isn’t really a popular game in the Comoros as of yet, this means very few players indeed play online poker from here. (4)

As far as online gambling and playing online poker goes, the Comoros does not have any restrictions in place, and in fact they even dabble in the online gambling regulatory market, and actually license a couple of online casinos. These casinos are directed at foreign players though as the market in Comoros for online gambling of any sort is too small these days to make running a site directed just at them worthwhile.

One of the things that the Comoros does have going for it is that it is a very densely populated country, so getting more people online here is just a matter of improving the economy, although that’s no small challenge, but with a more stable government in place, that at least is more possible now.

So if you are from the Comoros and want to try out some online poker, or if you are playing now and are looking to make sure that you are playing at the best online poker sites that are available to you, we have our top 4 recommendations for you, the best places to play if you are in the Comoros.


Top Online Poker Sites For Players From The Comoros

You can rest assured that all of the recommendations that we have for Comoros online poker players are all top notch, and this isn’t a watered down list based upon a very limited selection, as just about all online poker sites accept players from the Comoros with no reservations.

So this is merely a matter of providing you with a list of the best online poker sites in the world period, with very few exclusions. These are 4 of our 5 best sites overall by the way, and all provide nice bonuses to welcome new players who haven’t made a deposit with them yet.

888 Poker is the world’s foremost online poker site and just does so many things well. They have a vast amount of experience from offering online poker players some great poker pretty much since online poker began, and they’ve only gotten better and better over the years. There are a lot of things to like about this site and they will pay you to find out for yourself.

Bet 354 Poker and Titan Poker are a couple of other very fine choices for online poker players and these two top poker sites share the same poker network and traffic, and like at 888 Poker, there’s lots and lots of traffic here. Both of these online poker sites really know how to treat their players and you will not only get a nice welcome package, you will continue to be rewarded very nicely as they don’t just want to attract you, they want to keep you, and they do a great job of doing just that.

Black Chip Poker rounds out our top 4, and while this is a lesser known site compared to the other 3 on our list, the word is really getting out on them more and more lately, and they now have the traffic levels to make them a very appealing poker room to try out. If you like playing against weak players and are looking for a site that also has a lot of players period, this is a great combination, and this is the favorite poker site of some of our players.



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