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Sierra Leone Poker Laws

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sierra leoneSierra Leone is a small country in West Africa with an area of about 27,000 miles and a population of about 6 million people. Sierra Leone has had more than its share of troubles over the recent past, including a civil war from 1991-2002 that left the country in shambles and one that they haven’t fully recovered from yet, which left 50,000 people dead and 2 million refugees, in addition to the economic damage in a country whose economy was in not doing so well to start with.

In spite of having some impressive resources for a country of its size, including being one of the world’s biggest producers of diamonds, as well as being a big producer of other valuable minerals including gold, this is one of the world’s poorest countries, with a per capita PPP GDP of only about $1300 a year.

On top of that, the wealth here isn’t very widely distributed at all, with 70% of the people here living below the international poverty line of less than $1.25 per day, which is poverty indeed. This is an exceptionally high poverty rate even by African standards.

To make matters worse, the 2014 Ebola outbreak started here, and this is a country which already has poor health care and this has created even more burdens upon their health care system, and reduced further what is already one of the lowest life expectancies among any country in the world. (1)

Corruption is a big problem in many African countries but it is particularly bad here, and this is what is said to have led to the recent civil war. Sierra Leone certainly has their work cut out for them in order to bring them on a path to more prosperity.

Gambling is legal in Sierra Leone with no restrictions, other than the limitations of what gambling is actually available here. They do have some, but it is limited to a single casino and their lottery. While sports betting is very popular in many African countries these days there is no evidence of any land based sports betting to be had here, nor are there the many slot parlors that you see in some countries, bringing gambling to the common folk.

So the lottery takes care of the appetite of the people here pretty well and there really hasn’t been any expansion beyond that, and they don’t get a lot of tourists either, due in part to all the instability that they have had over the years Their single casino, the Bitumani Hotel and Casino, with their 126 rooms in addition to table games and slots takes care of this market well enough it would seem. (3)


Playing Poker In Sierra Leone

There is no land based poker available here at all as they don’t offer it at their casino, at least not at the present time anyway. It isn’t so much that this country is struggling economically as much as it is gambling in general not really catching on here yet, and there are some poorer countries that do have some poker going on, and people going online to play it as well, but these are countries where gambling in general is a lot more popular than it is in Sierra Leone.

Only about 2% of the population in Sierra Leone has internet access, which adds up to only about 120,000 people, so it’s not as if internet poker is ready to explode here or anything, even though there’s nothing stopping people from playing poker online, nothing other than a lack of internet access, a lack of money generally, and a lack of interest in the game on top of that. (4)

However, those with the means and the interest to play can certainly do so, and if so, the good news is that even the most conservative of online poker sites warmly accept players from Sierra Leone, even though there aren’t many of them that play at present.

So you can play at the world’s very best online poker sites if you are from Sierra Leone, something that people in many countries in the world can no longer do, as they have their choices at least limited somewhat, and in some cases, limited quite substantially.

So to that end, we do have our list of the top 5 best places to play online poker if you are from Sierra Leone, and the beauty of online poker is that it accommodates players of the most modest means right up to the high stakes players beautifully, so no matter the size of your bankroll, you’ll find lots of poker and lots of excitement at any of these top sites.

Should you be a first time player at one or more of these sites, you’ll also be welcomed with some free bonus cash to help you on your way as you get acquainted with the experience of playing poker with them and all they have to offer you, which they will eagerly show you as they try to win your longer term loyalty.


Top Online Poker Sites for Players from Sierra Leone

We’ll start out list off for you with 888 Poker, one of the most loved online poker sites of all time. They used to be known as Pacific Poker for many years but came out with a new name and a very new and improved site and this skyrocketed them right to the top. This is the favorite poker site of many online players and very well may be yours as well once you give them a try, and they even have real money for you to play with if you can’t deposit yet.

Party Poker is another poker site that’s been there since the early days of online poker, and over the years they have made millions of online poker players happy with their superior offerings and dedication to player satisfaction. Party Poker doesn’t take players from quite a few countries these days but if you are from Sierra Leone they will take you no problem, and this is a poker site well worth trying to be sure.

Titan Poker and Bet 365 Poker share players and tables along with all of the other online poker sites on the iPoker Network, the world’s largest poker network. These are the two best sites on there though and both offer superior customer service, generous rewards, and great traffic day or night. Take your pick as you can’t go wrong with either.

Black Chip Poker is a real up and coming poker site on the Winning Poker Network, which has come a long way traffic wise and now is one of the world’s favorite places to play online poker. Black Chip is the cream of the crop on this network, and this is a particularly good choice if you are a new player, as the competition here is a little softer and the players a little easier, which is something all players should find important, but is especially so when you’re just learning the game.



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