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Tanzania Poker Laws

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Tanzania is a developing country on the east coast of Africa, with a population of about 50 million people. Tanzania is still struggling to bring their country up to modern standards but have made a lot of progress lately.

They still lack the infrastructure of more developed countries though, and as of 2012, only 15% of their people had electricity, and about that percentage has access to the internet these days as well. Projects are in place to expand this though and bring them up to speed at least somewhat.

The poverty rate is high here and they rank near the bottom in per capita GDP in a continent with a lot of very poor countries so that’s really saying something. About half of the people here work in agriculture, although other sectors are developing fast and this is especially the case with tourism, which has grown a lot over the last few years. (1)

Tanzania does have legal gambling though, and have a total of 10 casinos, among the highest count among African countries. 7 out of the 10 are located in Dar es Salam, the country’s largest city of 4.4 million. There are also 2 in Arusha and 1 in Mwanza. There are 63 table games and 729 slot machines in Tanzania, with a total gaming space of about 20,000 square feet. (2)

Gambling was legalized in Tanzania in 1992, and in 2003 the Gaming Control Board was appointed to oversee the formal regulation of gambling here. Tanzania now has regulated online gambling these days as well, a program which began in 2013, although they only regulate one site so far, and this is directed at players outside Tanzania, and Tanzanians aren’t permitted to gamble on it. (3)

The gambling industry in Tanzania has really taken off over the last couple of years and now generate significant revenue. In addition to the casinos, Tanzania also has a national lottery, sports betting shops, and poker is even catching on here quite a bit in recent times. (4)

Online gambling is legal here as well, and in spite of the low internet penetration that Tanzania has, this does add up to over 7 million people here with internet access at the present time, and in spite of this being a very low income country, there are a lot of Tanzanians that do gamble online now, and that’s a number that has really been taking off in particular.

There are a number of unregulated Tanzanian online gambling websites that have emerged lately, in addition to the official one which is directed at players from other countries, and this is testimony to the vibrancy of the online gambling market here. Of course players can choose from the bevy of foreign based online gambling sites as well, which many players do take advantage of.

Tanzania is well ahead of its time compared to most other African countries, in spite of their very modest means, and the gambling industry here is much more developed than in most other countries on the continent. The focus here is particularly on technology, for instance they were the first country in Africa to offer lottery by mobile phone, and once they get their telecommunications network more up to speed, this should really enhance the gambling market here overall.


Playing Poker in Tanzania

Poker has only started to catch on in Tanzania very recently, but it has grown in popularity quite a bit in the last couple of years in particular. Without widespread internet access, this tends to really slow down the growth of a game like poker, which relies heavily on the internet for its promotion, but that is starting to improve more lately and we’re now seeing more and more Tanzanians take to the game on their computers.

Tanzania also hosted its first major poker tournament recently, and more are planned, and live poker also is very influential in promoting the game, and the recent surge that we’re seeing in poker here is due to a large degree on the increased media coverage that poker tournaments tend to get, especially in a country where poker is so relatively new. (5)

80% of Tanzania’s population is rural, and that represents the biggest challenge here for truly large scale expansion of the gambling market here, as it’s quite well developed in the urban areas, particularly in Dar es Salaam, with its casinos and betting shops and the people much more up on technology, but in the rural areas, these are quite undeveloped and the people don’t gamble much either, however there are 10 million people who live in urban areas in Tanzania, so this represents a pretty big market in itself.

Tanzania at the present time does have a limited amount of live poker, with 3 full time poker rooms, which isn’t a lot but is more than a lot of African countries have, and this may grow as poker catches on here more and more. (6)

Poker is popular enough in Tanzania for one of their casinos to bring in some PokerPro tables, which are the latest in electronic tables and allow for more poker and bigger tournaments to be rolled out. So while live poker may still be a small market here it certainly has taken off lately and will likely continue to do so. (7)

Of course there is always the internet, online poker that is, provided one has access, and given that the number of Tanzanians who do have internet access is over 7 million now, and that number is expected to keep growing, we are talking about a significant number of potential online poker players at least.


Top Online Poker Sites Accepting Players from Tanzania

The selection for online poker players from Tanzania as far as offshore poker rooms that they can select from is awesome, as it includes almost all of the major poker sites. Here’s the best of the best of them for you, all of which offer nice welcome bonuses just for you to give them a try.

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