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Argentina Poker Laws

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Argentina, officially Republica Argentina, is the second largest country in Latin America by area, and the fourth largest by population, and have the third largest GDP and the highest GDP per capita. This is a well developed country and an economic power in the region. (1)

Argentina is also the gambling capital of Central and South America, with a total of 79 land based casinos spread out over 62 different cities. Gambling here is both legal and very widespread. (2)

Gambling in Argentina is also highly regulated, but is regulated separately in each of their 24 territories, the 23 provinces and the capital of Buenos Aires. This is not unlike what we see in the United States where each individual state regulates its own gambling among other things, but in the U.S. this is derived from the constitution, where in Argentina this is subject to change.

So the government is seriously looking at bringing gambling regulation under a single umbrella, to simplify things, and in fact the federal government decentralized gambling here in the 1990s as an experiment of sorts, but retain the power to take this back, and doing so is now seen as an improvement.

This really hasn’t affected the land based gambling operations too much, but it really has defragmented their attempts at regulating online gambling, with separate regulatory bodies requiring separate licenses and also requirements that a provider host their servers in the particular province, which is seen as a limiting factor to the growth of this industry in the Argentina as a whole. (3)

As it stands though there is a massive amount of land based gambling available here, including casinos, horse racing, bingo, poker, sports betting, lotteries, and more. Argentinians spend $4-$5 billion dollars on gambling each year and that number continues to grow. (4)

Argentina even has a seasonal ski resort that also doubles as a casino, where you can both ski and gamble. They also have casino cruises for those who prefer to do their gambling out to sea, although these are run simply to provide a different setting and not to avoid anti gambling laws as is the case a lot of the time with casino cruises.

Argentina also gets quite a few tourists, who come to experience both their natural beauty and their plentiful casinos.


Playing Poker In Argentina

It isn’t just casino games, sports betting, and horse race betting that is popular here, although those things are all very popular, especially betting on soccer, as this is a soccer crazed country, or football crazed rather, as the sport is known by here. Argentinians also enjoy playing poker, especially online poker, and for those who fancy a live, face to face game, there are a total of 15 casinos that have poker rooms, and although they do tend to be small generally, they do take care of the demand for live poker in this country.

Argentina has an internet penetration rate of 75%, the highest among Latin American countries, so with a big appetite for gambling, a very strong economy, and widespread internet access, this is a recipe for a lot of online gambling to be going on, which is indeed the case here. (5)

There are some regulated online gambling operations in Argentina, but once again this is just done at the provincial level, with only a few provinces offering this, and you have to live in that region and the gambling operation has to be located there as well, so this remains rather splintered, although we may see that change soon.

There are no regulated online poker sites here though, and it’s hard to say if and when this will happen, as poker is a much more complicated thing to pull off with regulation, as you have to account for the need for an adequate player base and one that is at least somewhat competitive with offshore offerings, at least the ones that aren’t scared away by the regulation, and there are always some.

Back in 2010 there was a movement in Argentina to ban online gambling, but it ended up failing to gain enough support and the idea was defeated. Currently, there are no restrictions on online gambling or online poker in this country. (6)

So there are quite a few people from Argentina that play online poker regularly, and the game has really grown here and likely will continue to do so. All of the major online poker sites are happy to accept poker players from Argentina, so they can choose from among the best online poker the world has to offer.


Top Online Poker Sites Accepting Players from Argentina

Here’s the list of the top 5 online poker sites that take players from Argentina. All of these are well worth trying out, and if you have never had an account before at one or more of these top poker rooms, all of them offer new players a nice welcome package, including some free bonus cash just for checking them out.

888 Poker actually goes even further than this, they are so confident that you will love this place that they give people money to try them even without their having to put in any of their own. So you get to play with house money at first if you like, although this is perhaps the best online poker site on the internet, and therefore people tend to stay around.

Party Poker is also a very long standing online poker option, and both they and 888 Poker have been around since online poker started. So Party Poker has been at the top for a very long time and this has been no accident, and in fact they have gotten better and better over the years.

The iPoker Network is the world’s favorite online poker network, and like 888 Poker and Party Poker, it features lots of traffic and a lot of variety as far as the poker they offer. We recommend two sites on this network, Titan Poker and Bet 365, and both will make sure you are well taken care of during your time with them.

Black Chip Poker rounds out our list of our top 5 for you, this is a fast growing site that even takes players from the United States, and pretty much every country actually, and they want to get as many players as they can playing with them, and they’ve done a fine job so far. Black Chip Poker wants to win your business as well and they will pay you to just give them a try, like all of our top sites will.



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