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Faroe Islands Poker Laws

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Faroe_Islands,_Borðoy,_Klaksvík_(3)The Faroe Islands was part of Denmark until 1948, when they obtained their independence. Since then, while they still maintain very close ties with their former mother country, they are now self governing and make their own laws. (1)

The Faroe Islands are one of the smallest countries in the world by population, coming in at around 50,000 people. Given this, they still rely on Denmark a great deal, and this is the case where it comes to poker laws as well.

So what has happened here, as is the case with a lot of legislation, is that the Faroe Islands have copied Danish gambling law, and the two are very similar. They are well behind when it comes to regulating online gambling though, something that Denmark has put into place quite successfully recently. (2)

Being independent, players in the Faroe Islands do not automatically become assimilated into the Danish regulatory system, and the government here has to agree to make that happen.

We’ll have to see what happens here but right now online gambling is not regulated in the Faroe Islands, and it seems to be too small for this project to be worth undertaking on its own. On the other hand, if they join the Danish regulatory framework, it’s hard to imagine how this would benefit them unless they got a cut of the action so to speak from the Danish government, which is possible but probably unworkable.

The problem here is that with so few players, the costs of administrating this could easily exceed the revenue it would bring in, and even if it didn’t, the upside here is very likely too small to even be worth worrying about, let alone implementing.


Playing Poker In the Faroe Islands

There is no land-based gambling in the Faroe Islands, not only due to the small population, but especially because their 50,000 people is spread out over a total of 16 different islands, so we’re dealing with some very small communities, none of which seems large enough to support any sort of commercial gambling. (3)

So there are no poker rooms here, and poker is limited to home games only. Of course players can also play on the internet, and without the regulation that they have over in Denmark, players can simply log in and play at whatever poker sites they want, and not just be restricted to those poker sites licensed in Denmark.

So the Danish system is set up very well and does benefit the government there without inconveniencing and taxing players too much, and what has resulted has been a nice compromise, and certainly nicer than you see in some other countries like Italy and France.

However, ideally players would not be subjected to these restrictions and taxes, which is what you see in unregulated environments, so the fact that the Faroe Islands do not have online poker regulations at this point is surely not seen as a problem by the online poker players here.

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