Proposals were recently introduced in Portugal to limit gambling advertising options in the country. A debate has been completed involving the proposals, with the options unanimously approved. Legislature took time to consider four bills connected to the gambling industry, outlining the gambling industry’s advertising standards.

The Assembly of the Republic in Portugal reviewed the proposals, bills that will treat gambling advertising like the alcohol industry. Radio and television should ban such ads from 7am to 10:30 pm. Two of the bills considered would like to amend the Code of Advertising. This would add more restrictions on advertising in the gambling sector.

Also under consideration is Bill 919. This measure was published on July 29 and created to deal with the increase in online gambling in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the first quarter of this year, over 329,000 people registered for new online gambling accounts.

During the discussions involving the legislation, details were also reviewed involving protections for minors regarding advertising. Last year, Bill 343 was published, seeking an increase in online gambling connected to the pandemic, asking for limits when it comes to advertising.

Another bill wants to see warnings added that showcase how addiction can form from lottery games including the Euromillions. The goal is to address individuals who are suffering from addiction and prevent future instances from taking place.

Focus has also been placed on improving the awareness within the public regarding responsible gambling and tightening up consumer protections. A self-exclusion process may be created to allow anyone that does not want to see gambling advertising to opt out.

For now, the measures move on to the next section of the government. The Committee on Economy, Innovation, Works, Public and Housing will have 60 days to consider the measures before deciding to approve ore further review the measures.  

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