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Quick Guide to Online Poker Bonuses - How to Clear Them & More PokerLaws.Org

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New poker players are always weary about whether or not they should accept online poker bonuses. The truth of the matter is that there is no reason not to accept an online poker bonus, as it is essentially free poker money being given away by the poker room, and they don’t prevent you from withdrawing money from your account. If you decide you don’t want to continue earning the poker bonus for whatever reason, you’ll be able to withdraw the money you’ve deposited online without a problem. You won’t be able to continue earning the sign-up bonus from the poker room, but your money isn’t locked up either.

Simple Clearing Requirements

When you’re searching for a poker bonus it’s important that you find a bonus that’s possible to clear. All poker bonuses have clearing requirements that need to be met before you begin earning any of the bonus money. The majority of online poker sites will begin releasing your poker welcome bonus once you clear $5-$10, but there are still some poker rooms that won’t release any of the bonus funds until you clear the entire bonus within an allotted time.

I always prefer joining an online poker room that releases the bonus in small increments because that way you aren’t forced to continue playing until you earn the full online poker bonus if you don’t want to. Apart from ensuring that the poker bonus you try and clear offers legitimate clearing requirements, you should also be considering other factors, which we’re going to get into below.

Decent Poker Traffic

You should always look at the traffic in an online poker room before claiming any bonus offer. If the poker room only has 3 ring game tables and 1 Sit & Go running for the stakes that you want to play, you’re not going to want to try and clear a big bonus with the poker room because it would take forever for you to see the bonus money in your account. You should find out exactly what the clearing requirements are before joining. Some poker rooms make it easy to clear the bonus while others require that you earn way too many VIP points to clear the bonus.

If you’re not too sure about traffic at a site, you can easily access those numbers at sites like They are the top database when it comes to poker traffic numbers, especially in regards to cash game traffic and active real money players that are online.

How To Clear Poker Bonuses at Top Poker Sites

If you’ve never cleared an online poker deposit bonus it’s really easy and you won’t have a problem. Most poker rooms award players with VIP points or the equivalent. In order to clear welcome bonuses, new players are required to earn a predetermined amount of points playing any real money games. The reason online poker sites make you clear the sign-up poker bonus is so that players don’t join the poker site and withdraw their deposit and the bonus money without even playing poker. New Logo is a VERY popular USA-friendly online casino & sportsbook (our #1 option overall). They offer a 100% sign-up bonus to new poker players who are making their first deposit up to the maximum $1,000, which is extremely generous as far as poker welcome bonuses are concerned. Their signup bonus is paid out in five different stages once the player has earned enough Player Option Points (POP’s) playing in real money games on the site.

Here’s how clearing the BetOnline welcome bonus works:

1. Stage 1 will release 10% of the 200% bonus after the player has raked 30.3% of the initial deposit amount.
2. Stage 2 will release 20% of the 200% bonus after the player has paid 99.27% of their deposit in rake.
3. Stage 3 will release a further 40% of the 200% bonus after the player has paid 220.4% of their deposit in rake.
4. Stage 4 will release 60% of the 200% bonus after the player has paid 402.3% of their deposit in rake.
5. Stage 5 will release the final 70% of the 200% bonus after the player has paid 652.3% of their deposit in rake.

BetOnline Poker (COMPLETE review, btw) gives you 120 days to clear the welcome bonus offer (or as much of it as you can). It can take up to 48 hours for the bonus to be activated in your account and any points earned whilst the bonus is not yet active will not count towards the wagering requirements.

In the case of Ignition Casino, the full poker welcome bonus is 100% matched up to the maximum $1,000. The casino pays out the poker bonus in eight increments as you earn the required number of Poker Points playing cash games, tournaments or sit & go’s.

Here’s how clearing the Ignition Poker Welcome Bonus works:

1. The first portion of the bonus of $5 is credited when you have earned 15 Poker Points.
2. The second bonus amount of $20 is credited when you have earned 85 Poker Points in total.
3. The third bonus amount of $25 you get when you have earned 185 Poker Points.
4. The fourth bonus of $50 is released when you have earned 400 Poker Points.
5. Another $100 is credited when you have reached the 1,000 Poker Points threshold.
6. A further $200 is released when you have earned 2,500 Poker Points.
7. The seventh increment of $250 is released after you have earned 5,000 Poker Points.
8. The last portion of the bonus of $350 you get when you have accumulated 10,000 Poker Points in total.

Ignition Poker (COMPLETE review) gives you 30 days after your first deposit to clear their welcome bonus in full and any amount not claimed will be forfeited. Bonus increments are credited to your account within 24 hours of earning the required poker points.

Conclusion About Clearing These Bonuses

One mistake that a lot of new players make when clearing online poker bonuses is they tend to try and play above their comfort levels to clear the bonus faster. You should always play real money online poker games you’re comfortable playing regardless of how fast you’re clearing the bonus otherwise it defeats the purpose of trying to profit from online poker bonuses. The only way the bonus will increase your bankroll is if you don’t lose your entire bankroll while trying to clear the bonus, which many people seem to forget.

If you’re going to try and increase your bankroll through clearing online poker bonuses you need to always check the requirements to clear the bonus and you need to make sure the poker room actually has enough player traffic to keep the poker games running around the clock.

Another cool incentive about most of these sites – especially the ones listed in this article – is that most of them offer “new player freeroll” tournaments that allow you to not only give you more cash to top off your bankroll, but it also gives you more practice at the tables. Since most players that earn tickets to these tourneys have to deposit first, you can have a clearer mind about playing against decent competition instead of just complete nits and donkeys.

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