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Playing Multi-Way Pots With Fish at the Poker Tables PokerLaws.Org

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The definition of “Fish” are poker players that play poorly and that are easily beaten by an experienced player. For tables that are full of fish you will probably want to be at the lower limit games. That is where you will find the bulk of the inexperienced players.

There are fish to be found in the larger stakes but you will usually only find one or two at the most in any given game. Now that is not a bad thing because sometime an experienced player can get hurt by playing against a full table of fish.

If you are in a hand with good starting cards and you have 6 fish playing with you then, even though each of the fish independently have a bad percentage draw, when you combine to odds of all 6 of them hitting a hand they will probably have a better percentage of winning the pot than you do.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that each of them as individuals would have a better percentage than you would but that one of the 6 fish will probably draw out on you.

Identifying the Fish at the Table

There is an expression that if you cannot find the fish at the table then you are probably it. The sure sign of a fish at the table is a player that is in a lot of pots, they seem to play almost every hand. These players are there to experience the excitement of playing poker and it is not very exciting folding hand after hand.

So they will find some reason to find every hand they are dealt as a playing hand. After all, any two cards can flop a monster. As an experienced player we know that the problem with that theory is that if you play every hand in the hopes of flopping a monster you will lose a lot of money even though every once in a while the hand actually does hit.

The fish are usually calling stations.” They will call on every street and raises do not seem to have any effect on this. The other sign of a fish is the player that only either calls or goes all-in.

For example, when they are in the big blind and there is only $1.50 in the pot, they will go all in for $30.00. Now you will find that an experienced player will participate in some of this activity from time to time but they do it in a more controlled manner.

So you will need to watch these actions for a period of time before you can be certain of who the fish are and who the fish are not.

Playing in Multi-Way Pots AGAINST Fish

The best strategy for playing in multi-way pots with fish begins with your hand selection. The biggest temptation of playing in a low limit game with a bunch of players that are playing every hand is that you start to do the same thing.

Resist that urge and don’t follow the crowd!

The expression “Tight is Right”  never applied more than in multi-way pots with fish. If you were playing in a game full of “Rocks” (very tight players) then the suggestion would be to loosen up yourself and be a little more aggressive.

The same concept applies in a multi way pot against fish. Against a bunch loose players you need to tighten up.

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